2020 Emerging Scholars Fellows


CBA is pleased to announce the 2020 Emerging Scholars Fellows: 

  • Paul Cizek (Marquette University) 

  • Israel McGrew (Marquette University)

During the 2020 Annual General Meeting, Paul Cizek will present his paper, “Beyond the Violent / Non-Violent Messiah Debate in Psalm of Solomon 17,” and Israel McGrew will present his paper, “‘What is ’Enosh?’ The Anthropological Contributions of Job 7:17–18 through Allusion and Intertextuality,” 

This year, all of the applications were Old Testament. The CBA is indebted to the Evaluators for their work: Stephen D. Ryan, O.P. (Chair), Andrew Davis, Joseph E. Jensen, and Pauline Viviano.

 CLICK HERE   for more information about the CBA Emerging Scholars Fellowship program.