Continuing Seminars


Guidelines for Continuing Seminars:

  • A Continuing Seminar is so called because it 'continues' to convene on each day of the annual meeting. A Continuing Seminar may be established for one year or may continue for additional years. It is also possible for a Continuing Seminar to develop into a Task Force.
  • Seminars are normally convened by one or two individuals who arrange to have paper presenters or provide other materials for discussion. CBA members are invited to register for a Continuing Seminar of their choice through the CBA website.
  • Materials that will be used for that year's Continuing Seminar (such as papers, bibliographies, and outlines) are made available through the CBA website or by some other means to those members who have signed up for the seminar.
  • Conveners are expected to send a post-meeting report for the Executive Board to the CBA Office ( before September 1.