List of Fellows

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The Emerging Scholars Fellowship (ESF) program was iniated in 2016 with the first fellowships being awarded in 2017. The Verbum partnership began in 2023, expanding the fellowships to four annually.


  • Matthew Arakaky, Duke University
  • Tommaso Bacci, University of Chicago
  • Jonathan Sanchez, University of Notre Dame
  • Elizabeth Schick, Marquette University


  • Abigail Bodeau, Baylor University
  • Sharon Gutkowski, Villanova University
  • Noelle G. Johnson, University of Notre Dame
  • Angela Zautcke, University of Notre Dame


  • Tyng-Guang "Brian" Chu, Duke Divinity School
  • Chimbuoyim Geraldine Uzodimma, H.F.S.N.,Boston College School of Theology and Ministry


Since the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, no fellowships were granted in 2021 in order to permit the 2020 fellows to present at the 2021 AGM.


  • Paul Cizek, Marquette University
  • Israel McGrew, Marquette University


  • Ki-Eun Yan, New York University
  • Christian Gers-Uphaus, University of Münster


  • Evangeline Kozitza, University of Oxford
  • Tyler Stewart, Marquette University


  • Joshua Noble. University of Notre Dame
  • Benedict Schöning. Johannes Gutenberg University, Faculty of Catholic Theology, Mainz, Germany