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The Shape of Matthew's Story
by Francis J. Moloney SDB

This "reading" of the Gospel of Matthew is neither novel nor groundbreaking. Nor is it universally accepted by commentators on the Gospel. This book does not strive to make detailed exegetical decisions but focus on the "big picture" to show that an early Christian author developed a carefully constructed story from the sources that came to him, and that he shaped them to communicate a “point of view” about God, Jesus Christ, Christian discipleship, and the Christian Church


Amos and Hosea: The Justice and Mercy of God
by Katherine M. Hayes
The books of Amos and Hosea witness to the breakdown of the northern kingdom of Israel as a manifestation of the justice of God. At the same time, these prophetic traditions reveal facets of divine justice that interweave with divine mercy. Despite differences in structure and focus, both Amos and Hosea evoke an inherent connection between God's just judgment on the kingdom of Israel and merciful compassion for its people. Both convey divine trust in the possibility of a new, transformed community.


The Psalms of Ascents (Psalms 120-134) are an important collection within the book of Psalms and have played a significant role in the history of spirituality. While scholars disagree on what precisely is meant by “ascents”, it is clear that these psalms are focused on the journey towards the presence of God, a God who is at once the “maker of heaven and earth” but also encountered in a particular place and among a particular people. This book will explore the rich imagery of these fifteen psalms to show how they nourish the search for God’s presence in a world that is marked by crises and hostility, not only in the world but tragically also within the people of God.

This collection of psalms reflects postexilic Israel’s confidence that in seeking God in Jerusalem the worshipper finds a blessing and peace that radiates out from Zion to infuse the most quotidian aspects of everyday life. The Psalms of Ascents are a summons to a spirituality for priest and commoner, the powerful and the marginalized, those near and those far, and anyone else suspended between fear and hope on the journey towards God. While this book will give readers a focused discussion on the theology and spirituality of these individual psalms, it will do so in a way that will provide a model for how the whole book of Psalms can be read responsibly and fruitfully. As such, the book will provide a resource for studying, teaching, and preaching these fifteen Psalms, but can also serve as an entryway into the rest of the book of Psalms..

Jesus' final challenge of the Gospel is for those who believe and love to "follow me." The purpose of the Gospel, therefore, is to prepare audiences to do just that.

ISBN: 978-08091-5553-8

Volumes in the Series

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8    Amos and Hosea: The Justice and Mercy of God  Katherine M. Hayes 978-08091-5480-7  2023
7   The Theology and Spirituality of the Psalms of  Ascent  Bradley C. Gregory 978-08091-5553-8 2022
6  Come and See: Discipleship in the Gospel of John  Sherri Brown 978-08091-5481-4 2022
5  Christ in the Book of Revelation  Ian Boxall  978-08091-5455-5 2021
4  Scripture and Tradition in the Letters of Paul  Ronald D. Witherup 973-08091-5476-0 2021
3  The Landscape of the Gospels: A Deeper Meaning  Donald Senior 978-08091-5435-7 2020
2  Letters to the Johannine Circle: 1-3 John  Francis J. Moloney, SDB  978-08091-5452-4  2020
1  A Concise Theology of the New Testament  Frank J. Matera 978-15876-8828-7 2019

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  • The Shape of Matthew’s Story
    by Francis J. Moloney, SDB (Spring 2023)