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Gospel of Mark: A Theological Reading
by José Enrique Aguilar Chiu

This book is an introduction to the Gospel of Mark, paying special attention to its theological message. Proposing a new understanding of Mark's Gospel, this book states that its central idea is the recognition of Jesus as the son of God, a claim made at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the Gospel. The contribution of this book is that the recognition of Jesus as the son of God is only possible through the action of the Holy Spirit that Jesus gives at his death. Upon this idea, the author studies other major ideas of the Gospel such as Jesus's own designation as the son of man, the coming of the kingdom of God, the revelatory message of the miracles of Jesus, and the identity of the disciples.

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The Shape of Matthew's Story
by Francis J. Moloney SDB

This "reading" of the Gospel of Matthew is neither novel nor groundbreaking. Nor is it universally accepted by commentators on the Gospel. This book does not strive to make detailed exegetical decisions but focus on the "big picture" to show that an early Christian author developed a carefully constructed story from the sources that came to him, and that he shaped them to communicate a “point of view” about God, Jesus Christ, Christian discipleship, and the Christian Church


Amos and Hosea: The Justice and Mercy of God
by Katherine M. Hayes
The books of Amos and Hosea witness to the breakdown of the northern kingdom of Israel as a manifestation of the justice of God. At the same time, these prophetic traditions reveal facets of divine justice that interweave with divine mercy. Despite differences in structure and focus, both Amos and Hosea evoke an inherent connection between God's just judgment on the kingdom of Israel and merciful compassion for its people. Both convey divine trust in the possibility of a new, transformed community.


Volumes in the Series

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10   Gospel of Mark: A Theological Reading José Enrique
Aguilar Chiu
978-08091-5465-4 2024
9   The Shape of Matthew's Story  Francis J. Moloney, SDB 978-08091-5598-9 2023
8   Amos and Hosea: The Justice and Mercy of God  Katherine M. Hayes 978-08091-5480-7  2023
7   The Theology and Spirituality of the Psalms of  Ascent  Bradley C. Gregory 978-08091-5553-8 2022
6  Come and See: Discipleship in the Gospel of John  Sherri Brown 978-08091-5481-4 2022
5  Christ in the Book of Revelation  Ian Boxall  978-08091-5455-5 2021
4  Scripture and Tradition in the Letters of Paul  Ronald D. Witherup 973-08091-5476-0 2021
3  The Landscape of the Gospels: A Deeper Meaning  Donald Senior 978-08091-5435-7 2020
2  Letters to the Johannine Circle: 1-3 John  Francis J. Moloney, SDB  978-08091-5452-4  2020
1  A Concise Theology of the New Testament  Frank J. Matera 978-15876-8828-7 2019

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