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The Catholic Biblical Association of America holds an annual "general meeting" for the purposes of scholarly exchange and to conduct the official business of the association. In addition, two regions hold annual meetings: Baltimore-Washington Region and Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society.

Annual General Meeting Program Elements

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Meeting Elements

Continuing Seminar

A Continuing Seminar (CS) is created around a single theme and is convened by one or two individuals who arrange to have papers presented or provide other materials for discussion during the mornings of the Annual General Meeting. The CS can go on for one or several years and can develop into a Task Force (see below). Attendees are invited to register for the for a CS of their choice and these materials are made available to them. More Info

Task Force

A Task Force (TF) is a core group of CBA members who commit to meeting  each morning during the Annual General Meeting and completing a concrete scholarly task, typically for publication. More Info

Research Paper

Research papers are the work of individual scholars who are Full CBA Members and who, during the Annual General Meeting, present their original work for 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute Q&A session. Proposal papers are reviewed by CBA which then determines who presents at any given meeting. More Info

Round Table

A Round Table, normally led by two members of the association, explore an important topic, issue, a particularly important new scholarly work, etc. during one Annual General Meeting. The presentations may take no more than a third of the allotted time. It is important that the session involve serious dialogue amongst all participants. More info


Academic publshers and booksellers are invited to display during CBA Annual General Meetings.  More info

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