Light to Those in Darkness: Help for Prisoners

Among other activities, the CBA attempts to bring some help to prisoners. This help takes the form of providing the New American Bible to prisoners who request one. We also provide them with other books, of the sort that are useful for instruction in the faith, the formation of good character and religious outlook, etc., to the extent that such books are available to us.

If you would like to share in this work, you are invited to contribute books of the sort that would be helpful; NOT terribly outdated books, but only those that are still useful. We regularly have requests for Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, and study Bibles, as well as for biblical monographs, liturgical books (such as the Liturgy of the Hours), and even copies of the Septuagint and Greek lexicons. Do you have any you no longer need?

You may send books to us at the CBA office; please (since books come here for many purposes) mark the package LIGHT IN DARKNESS, along with the full address:

Catholic Biblical Association
431 Caldwell Hall
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064