Round Tables

Current Round Tables


Guidelines for Round Tables

Begun in 2014, Round Tables meet during the Research Reports both on Sunday and Monday afternoons. The Round Table presents an opportunity to explore an important topic, issue, new form of criticism, or even a particularly important new scholarly work. Ideally it would be led by two members of the association, and would meet for one year. However, if sufficient interest is manifest it may be proposed as a Continuing Seminar in the following year. Examples of appropriate topics would be: "Reflection on the Vocation of a Biblical Scholar" or "The Translating Alterity Project of the Nida Institute."

The Round Table will not involve a presentation taking more than a third of the time allotted. It is important that the session involve serious give and take of discussion. The purposes of trying this format include:

  • responding to members' expressed concern for more diversity in terms of content with opportunities for exploration of topics that may extend beyond an exegetical focus and include pastoral and pedagogical concerns or other pertinent topics;
  • encouraging a greater investment in the annual meeting by CBA members by allowing them to propose a range of topics that interest them; and
  • encouraging creativity and exploration of timely issues by affording members an initial foray into a topic that may prove generative.