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In 2020 The Catholic Biblical Association of America initiated CBQ Imprints, a  book series that complements the CBQ Monograph Series.  The new series features studies that range beyond the scope of a monograph on topics related to Old Testament, New Testament, and cognate fields. Readers will appreciate the series’ breadth as long-standing exegetical methods (literary critical as well as historical critical) are featured alongside hermeneutical, interdisciplinary and reception-history approaches. A forum for both single-author books and edited volumes, CBQ Imprints is the latest initiative in ground-breaking biblical research from The Catholic Biblical Association of America.  

For more information about submissions to the series, authors are invited to contact Richard Bautch, the general editor of the series, at

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Fifth Volume of CBQ Imprints 

(Published April 2024)

CBQI Volume 5:

Missed Treasures of the Holy Spirit:
Distinctive New Testament Pneumatologies

Edited by Jeremy Corley and Jessie Rogers

In this volume on the Holy Spirit, "Missed Treasures" designates the rich pneumatologies in the New Testament books and letters beyond Paul, John, and Luke-Acts. Depictions of the Holy Spirit in Matthew, the Letter of James, Revelation, and other books are analyzed and incorporated into the theological tapestry of New Testament thought. Another unique feature of this volume is its focus on the numinous presence of God in the sweep of Israel's history; there are chapters on the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Wisdom of Solomon that trace Christian pneumatology back to its source, the Hebrew Scriptures. In short, this volume expands the scholarly conversation exponentially as it explores a complement of texts spanning the New Testament and reaching back into the Hebrew Scriptures. A lucid guide to the distinctive pneumatologies of the New Testament, this collection is must reading for all who would engage the dialogue between scriptural study and systematic theology.


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Fourth Volume of CBQ Imprints 

(Published July 2023)

CBQI Volume 4:

God in Paul's Letters

Edited by Timothy Milinovich, Normand Bonneau, and
Robert F. O’Toole S. J.

In Pauline studies, where Christological questions have often carried the day, Paul's understanding of God is emerging to play an equally important role. What did it mean to the apostle that God is sovereign Lord of history and creation? This volume explores the various ways that the theme of God is foundational to Paul's seven undisputed letters, with attention to the diverse perspectives of each letter. In addition, the volume offers essays on overarching topics such as epistemology and the new creation that Paul describes in his writing. The authors engage as well challenging questions, including Paul's views on evangelizing all people, Jew and Gentile alike. Readers will come away with a deeper appreciation for both the theology and the Christology of Paul, whose understanding of God provides the key to the salvific plan realized in Christ.


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Third Volume of CBQ Imprints 

(Published May 2022)

 CBQI Volume 3:

Forget Not God's Benefits (Psalm 103:2):
A Festschrift in Honor of Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM

Edited by Barbara E. Reid, OP

Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM has had a distinguished career in biblical studies. He is known for his work on the book of Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic History, but his interests have ranged over many areas of the Scriptures, including the prophets, biblical geography, archaeology, history, and biblical perspectives on poverty. In his writing and research, he has broken new ground and advanced the discipline time and again. For many years, Hoppe served as the editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, and he oversaw the publication of numerous articles that have impacted the study of both the Old and New Testaments. A capstone to Hoppe's illustrious career, his editorship of the CBQ is reflected in the design of this volume, which comprises works by scholars of both testaments. The chapters here range from Genesis to the Gospels and Pauline letters. Leslie Hoppe's colleagues have given him a fitting tribute, a Festschrift with breadth as well as depth.

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Second Volume of CBQ Imprints 

(Published in October 2021)

 CBQI Volume 2:

God and Gods in the Deuteronomistic History

Edited by Corrine Carvalho and John L. McLaughlin

Like other constructs in biblical studies, the Deuteronomistic History has come under scrutiny in the 21st century. The books beginning with Joshua and concluding with 2 Kings were thought to be, at their core, a unified explication of Israel's demise in Deuteronomistic terms of sin and its consequences. Current scholarship views these books as more disparate and influenced by a number of different texts, not limited to Deuteronomy. God and Gods in Deuteronomistic History exemplifies the latest research on these Hebrew Scriptures. Each study focuses on the question of how God is disclosed in Israel's history. Contributors look at the topic in a single book to bring forth the richness and variety of the Deity's descriptions. The results show an array of understandings about the divine figure Yhwh, whose titles also include El, El the Living, and Yhwh God in heaven, to name but a few. A strength of this volume is the meticulous analysis of Mesopotamian and West Semitic sources, expressed both textually and in material culture. The biblical writers adopted and adapted these ancient Near Eastern sources to create various pictures of God in the Deuteronomistic History, at times mirroring the deities of the so-called idolatrous religions. This book brings forth portrayals of Israel's God as well as other regional deities in their contiguity and complexity, across the Deuteronomistic History.

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First Volume of CBQ Imprints 

(Published in October 2020)

 CBQI Volume 1:

The Figure of Jesus in History and Theology:
Essays in Honor of John Meier

Edited by Vincent T.M. Skemp and Kelley Coblentz Bautch

One of the leading Historical Jesus scholars of our time, John Meier has also made significant contributions in the areas of early Judaism and New Testament studies writ large. The Figure of Jesus in History and Theology features more than a dozen prominent scholars who engage Meier’s work and address its reception today. These scholars, whose areas of expertise range from second temple Judaism to early Christianity, revisit, extend, and respond to Meier’s scholarship in ways that allow readers to appreciate anew Meier’s landmark publications. Collectively, these essays cast new light on the question of the Historical Jesus and provide a wealth of insight into John Meier’s body of work as viewed through the lens of contemporary research.