CCD Grants for the Promotion of Biblical Scholarship and Biblical Literacy

February 1, 2021 was the last opportunity to apply for this grant.


  Grant Guidelines and Application Information

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PART I: Guidelines

Purpose of the CCD Grants

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) seeks to promote Catholic biblical literacy and Catholic biblical interpretation by providing financial assistance for specific projects advancing these goals. Funding for these grants comes from the royalties received from the publication of the New American Bible and its derivative works.

Areas of Pastoral Interest and Exclusions

The CCD will accept applications for grants that address the following pastoral areas:

  • Biblical Scholarship (particularly original research by Catholic scholars)
  • Archaeological Research
  • Pastoral and Catechetical Programs
  • Bible Education in Seminaries
  • Continuing Biblical Education of Clergy

No funds shall be made available for general educational scholarships, endowments, and loans, or for events, activities, debts, or costs incurred in the past. Apart from exceptional circumstances, requests to cover financing for more than 12 months will not be considered, though annual requests may be made for ongoing projects.

Eligible Applicants

The CCD accepts applications only from the Catholic Biblical Association of America (CBA) itself, dues paying Full and Associate members of the CBA, and whomever else CBA may designate. Only one application per individual per year will be accepted for review and possible funding. 

If members of the Committee for Research Report desire to make an application, they must recuse themselvesfrom the committee’s work for the year in which they apply for a grant.

Typical and Maximum Grant Awards

Due to the limited funds available for this new initiative and the desire to share these resources as widely as possible, the work group will limit each grant to a maximum of $50,000. The typical grant will be between $10,000 and $25,000.

Application Process and Guide

Applications will be available in English only through the Catholic Biblical Association to its membership and designees. All applications from individuals or institutions designated by the Catholic Biblical Association must be approved by the Catholic Biblical Association and submitted to the CCD through that organization. Announcement of accepted grants will be made directly to the CBA.

Post-Award Expectations

All organizations that receive CCD funds will sign a grant agreement containing conditions in addition to those described herein. No project is officially funded until both parties approve and sign a CCD grant agreement. CCD reserves the right to withhold money or cancel a contract for due cause.

Project funding begins with the signing of an agreement and extends through the period agreed to according to the project time line, usually one year. If the grant money is not used within two years of grant notification, it will be automatically canceled.

CCD may request distribution rights for funded projects proposed by individuals. The times at which the CCD would exercise these rights are negotiable.

All individual grant recipients agree by their applications to specific requirements for visible acknowledgment of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. The CCD will supply the appropriate logos with instructions at the time of the signing of the agreement.

All CCD fund recipients will be required to submit a post-project final report. Guidelines for completing this report will be provided to the awardees with the award letters. In some cases (particularly for multi-year projects), progress reports may be required. In general, all final reports will document how the funds awarded were used, assess the project's outcomes in relation to defined goals, and detail the number of actual participants or those served.

Summary of Application Process

  • Applications received by CBA ( by February 1.
  • CBA reviews proposals and makes it recommendations to the CCD by March 31.
  • CCD reviews proposals and makes grants.
  • CCD informs CBA of accepted proposals by June 30. The USCCB notifies applicants.
  • Preparation and signature of grant agreement.
  • Payments to recipients by check or wire transfer.
  • Follow-up and evaluation (Future funding is conditioned on receipt of reports.)

PART II: Instructions for Preparing a Grant Application

Project Title: Please give the project a short, descriptive title.

Project Description and Budget: All applications must clearly state the project's purpose, activities, costs, resources, relevant experience of the applicant or project principals, desired outcomes and systems of accountability. Describe the area and people to be served directly by the project. Applications must include a complete financial budget. Summarize the budget on the application form and attach a detailed budget.

Signatures: All applications must be signed by the primary contact.

Deadline: Submit all application materials to the CBA ( by February 1.

Please do not place applications in elaborate bindings. In order to assist you in submitting all required materials, we have provided a checklist below which recapitulates the required information.

A properly completed application will include all of the items indicated in the following checklist:

 Completed "Grant Application Form";
 Additional 1-2 pages of project description (if necessary);
 Detailed budget;
 Curriculum vitae of applicant and/or principals (if applicable)

General Guidance: Be concise, but thorough. Emphasize the facts. Answer only the questions asked. If citing statistics, provide original sources. Do not include attachments (e.g., brochures, newsletters, newspaper clippings, etc.) unless directly relevant to a program for which funding is requested.

Statement of Mission

The work of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the District of Columbia, is guided by its mandate to promote the New American Bible and, more generally, Catholic biblical literacy and Catholic biblical interpretation. The CCD works with bishops and diocesan offices, biblical scholars, publishers, USCCB committees, especially Evangelization and Catechesis, Divine Worship, Doctrine, and the Subcommittee on the Review of Scripture Translations, and national and international biblical organizations.