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Re-established 2022

Application Guidelines 

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Application Deadline: November 31

The Catholic Biblical Association of America announces the
re-establishment of annual visiting professorship at the École Biblique in Jerusalem where tenured established scholars of the CBA have the opportunity to teach one course to an international cohort of students, equivalent of the US PhD course work, offer a public lecture on their research, interact with a renown faculty and take advantage of the outstanding library resources.



Applicants should be tenured established scholars with a record of published research and professional contributions. Retired or Emeritus faculty are welcome to apply. (The Visiting Professorship is not intended for Early Career scholars).

Semester Time Frames and Flexibility

The Visiting Professorship is for one semester. Applicants should be advised that: 

  • The full autumn semester of the École Biblique spans (typically) the beginning of October to mid-February (including an exam period)--hence, a five month period.
  • The full winter (or spring) semester of the École Biblique spans (typically) mid February to end of June--around four and a half months.
  • Holders of Israeli passports could teach for the full five month period.
  • Holders of US passports are limited to a teaching period/stay in Israel of 90 days within a six-month period.
  • The PBI will work with applicants who are not able for reasons of visa restrictions to be present (in person) for the full duration of the semester. Similarly the École Biblique  will work with applicants from North American institutions with differing calendar years, so that they may teach the autumn semester and return for their institution’s spring semester.

Indicate your preference for semester and year and also your flexibility (whether you are open to the Visiting Professorship for both semesters of a given academic year). 


Applications are to be sent to cba-office@cua.edu on or before November 31.

2023-24 Areas of Teaching

Teaching areas of need and interest for the academic year 2023-24 are

Application Process

Interested applicants should complete the entire process to be considered for the pool of candidates submitted to the Pontifical Biblical Institute, including:

Send the above documents as email attachments to the CBA Office (cba-office@cua.edu) on or before November 31st.

Selection Process

A CBA subcommittee on the Visiting Professorship at École Biblique will assess applications based upon the following criteria and present a pool of eligible applicants to the École Biblique for consideration.

  • Applicants are established scholars and a members of CBA in good standing
  • Applicants’ teaching proposal coincides with École Biblique curricular needs as well as applicants’ research.
  • Applicants are able or express an interest in teaching international students.
  • Applicants are prepared to teach at the doctoral level.
  • Applicants possess working knowledge of the biblical languages.
  • Applicants’ research interests would be an enriching addition to the École Biblique community.

Administration of the Visiting Professorship

A $25,000 stipend per semester and related expenses (travel, lodging, etc.) up to $20,000 will be funded by CBA.. 

Lodging and Health Insurance

The applicant can come with his/her spouse or family and according to their needs the École Biblique will provide an apartment. Therefore in the application it is necessary to mention whether the applicant needs an apartment and if so, to indicate the number of people who would come.

The applicant and the family members need health insurance. If their US health insurance covers expenses abroad, it is not necessary to buy a European health insurance. If not, it is necessary to purchase the latter. The applicant and family members should consult their health insurance agent and add whether they need to acquire health insurance.

Application Checklist (to accompany required application materials).