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Scripture and Tradition in the Letters of Paul

by Ronald D. Witherup

There has been considerable scholarly work in recent years on intertextuality in the Bible, and numerous scholars have been exploring Paul's complex use of Scripture, whether from the LXX or the MT. In addition to briefly summarizing the state of discussions in this area, the author also explores examples from several letters of Paul's practice of quoting/using Scripture. Some of the topics explored are: the question of written or oral sources; memorization; allusions vs. quotations; Paul's understanding of "scripture"; his use of scripture in rhetorical argumentation (Jewish/Greco-Roman); eisegesis vs. exegesis; and what Paul's use of Scripture might say to us today. The author concentrates on the undisputed letters, and uses some examples from the disputed letters because they constitute Pauline "tradition." Witherup concludes with a chapter on Scripture and Tradition in the life of the Church today. Some pertinent charts, graphs, and sidebars/boxes enhance the book's utility for a general audience