CBQ 84:3 July 2022

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Table of Contents

  • Edom’s (Dis)Possession
    Bradford A. Anderson

  • The Child’s Sickbed in the Elijah and Elisha Narratives: Safeguarding Ritual Space in 1 Kings 17 and 2 Kings 4
    Madadh Richey

  • “What Is Enosh?” The Anthropological Contributions of Job 7:17–18 through Allusion and Intertextuality
    Israel McGrew

  • The Significance of the “Ransom Saying” in Mark 10:45
    Duncan Reid

  • A “Great Day”: The Context of a Johannine Expression (John 7:37; 19:31) in Second Temple Literature and Qumran (1QS 10.4; 4Q265 7 i.4)
    John Sietze Bergsma

  • A Worthy Cornelius and Divine Grace: Complicating John Barclay’s Paul
    and the Gift
    Matthew Thiessen

  • Book Reviews and Collected Essays
    Bryan R. Dyer and Mahri S. Leonard-Fleckman
    • Books Received

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