CBQ 84: 2 April 2022


Table of Contents

  • Challenging a Priestly Credit Theology: A New Translation of Niphal חשב
    Liane M. Feldman
  • The Tactical Rationale for the “Coward’s Deferment” of Deuteronomy 20:8
    Stephen M. Wilson
  • The Voice and Person of the Prophet in Joel (and the Twelve)
    Colin M. Toffelmire
  • “Major Agreements”? The Synoptic Problem and Mark Goodacre’s Redescription of the “Mark–Q Overlaps”
    Olegs Andrejevs
  • Early Sexist Textual Variants, and Claims That Prisca, Junia, and Julia Were Men
    Richard G. Fellows
  • Paul, His Nurse Metaphor (1 Thessalonians 2:7), and the Thessalonian Women Who Turned against Their Idols 
    Florence Morgan Gillman
  • Biblical News
  • Reviews of Books and Collected Essays
    Bryan R. Dyer and Mahri S. Leonard-Fleckman
    • Books Received

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