UPDATE: 83rd International Meeting


Dear CBA Member:

Given the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic (including the uncertainty of the course of the pandemic itself,
the likely need during the summer to limit mass gatherings and keep social distance, the restrictions by academic
institutions on supported summer faculty travel, etc.) the Executive Board reviewed what were the best options concerning holding our regular Annual Meeting, which was to be in DC this summer.  After wide consultation, it was decided that the wisest course of action was to postpone the 2020 meeting.  Five steps where approved that will help with continuity:

1.)  Most elements of this year's meeting will simply be featured in our 2021 Annual General Meeting which will be at
the same venue, The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. 

2.)  The Executive Board encourages all Task Forces and the Continuing Seminars to meet this year during the regular
time of our meeting (August 1-4, 2020) via Zoom or other software which CBA will help with when necessary. Further details will be emailed to the chairs of the groups in the near future.

3.) The Executive Board encourages the Program Committee to carry forward the Research Reports to next year's
meeting in the hope that people will be willing to share what further research they had done.

4.)  The terms of all office-holders in CBA will be extended by one year for all who are able to continue.  
The work of the Nominations Committee will be held over for the next elections in 2021.  Those unable to continue
in office are to notify the Executive Director (atkinson@cua.edu).

5.)  The Board, when it meets electronically on August 1, will assume the responsibility, normally vested in the
Annual General Meeting, for election of New Members.

With all these extraordinary procedures in place, we hope to safeguard the smooth operations of CBA during this time of uncertainly.

Let us pray for a quick end to this virus and for the health of all our members.

The Executive Committee on behalf of the Executive Board,
Harry Attridge (Chair)
Gina Hens-Piazza (President)
Joseph C Atkinson (Executive Director)

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