CBQ 84:4 October 2022


Table of Contents

  • Make a Fence for the Torah: A Positive Reading of the Woman’s Words in Genesis 3:3
    Dan York

  • Intertextuality, Liturgy, and Prophetic Collections: A Study of the Relationship between Habakkuk 3 and Psalms 29, 77, and 18
    Samuel L. Boyd

  • Ben Sira’s Hebrew Portrait of Elijah in Its Context (Sirach 47:23–48:15)
    Jeremy Corley

  • “For That Is What His Name Means” (Acts 13:8): Luke’s Etymology of Elymas the Magician
    Daniel B. Glover

  • Allusions to Ezekiel and Bodily Resurrection in Hebrews
    Justin Harrison Duff

  • Tracing a Literary Structure in the Book of Revelation
    Francis J. Moloney, SDB

  • Biblical News

  • Book Reviews and Collected Essays
    Bryan R. Dyer and Mahri S. Leonard-Fleckman
    • Books Received
  • Annual Index

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