Announcing the 2024 CBA's Verbum Emerging Scholars Fellows



CBA and Verbum are pleased to announce this year's four Emerging Scholars Fellows: Matthew Arakaky (Duke University), Tommaso Bacci (University of Chicago), Jonathan Sanchez (University of Notre Dame), Elizabeth Schick (Marquette University). During the 2024 Annual General Meeting held at The Catholic University of America and via Zoom, the following papers will be presented by the Fellows

  • "Love versus Death: Dynamics of Symmetry in Anatu's Contest with Môtu in KTU 1.6 II" by Matthew Arakaky
  • "Celestial Bodies, Foreign Gods, or Delegates? A Reassessment of the Role of the Luminaries in Gen 1:14–19" by Tommaso Bacci
  • "The Rebuked and the Damned: Rebuke, Eschatology, and Expulsion in Matthew and the Dead Sea Scrolls" by Jonathan Sanchez
  • "Revelation through Words and Tears: The Roles of Martha and Mary in John 11:17-44" by Elizabeth Schick

In addition to having their AGM expenses covered and an honorarium, the Fellows the fellows receive the Verbum Academic Professional Electronic Library.

The CBA is indebted to the Evaluators for their work: Angela Kim Harkins, Meghan Henning, Kevin B. McCruden, James B. Prothro, Scott R. A. Starbuck, Malka Z. Simkovich, and John Kaltner (Chair).

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