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Report of the Seventy-Ninth International Meeting of
The Catholic Biblical Association of America

The seventy-ninth International Meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association of America was held August 6-9, 2016, at the Santa Clara University in California. The meeting opened on the evening of Saturday, August 6, with a welcome from Rev. Thomas Massaro, S.J., the Dean of The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University. The welcome was followed by a panel discussion on the topic, “The Future of Biblical Scholarship in a Digital Age.” The panelists were Todd R. Hanneken and Caroline Schroeder. The panel discussion was followed by a social hour.

Sessions on Sunday, August 7th

Six Task Forces and seven Continuing Seminars met simultaneously each day from 9:00 to 10:45 A.M.
The Task Forces included: “Biblical Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies” (co-conveners: Richard J. Bautch and Jean-François Racine; core group members in attendance: Joseph L. McDonald, Michael Patella, O.S.B., David Penchansky, C. Gilbert Romero, Sandra M. Schneiders, I.H.M., David W. Smith, and Peter Spitaler); “Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics” (co-conveners: Lauress Wilkins Lawrence and Lai Ling E. Ngan; core group members in attendance: Mary Ann Beavis, Gina A. Boisclair, Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., Damian L. Dietlein, O.S.B., John C. Endres, S.J., Linda M. Maloney, Ahida Pilarski, St. Anselm College, Barbara E. Reid, O.P.); “John’s Gospel and the Old Testament” (co-conveners Lawrence E. Frizell and Gregory Y. Glazov; core group members in attendance: Harold W. Attridge Jr., Sherri L. Brown, Christopher M. Ciccarino, Toan Do, Felix Just, S.J., Mark A. Matson, Hugo Mendez, and Earl C.Muller, S.J.); . “God in the Writings of Paul” (co-conveners: Robert O’Toole, S.J., and Thomas D. Stegman, S.J.; core group members in attendance: Ayodele Ayeni, C.S.Sp., Mary T. Brien, P.B.V.M.. John L. Gillman, Brent Kruger, C.S.C., Elliott C. Maloney, O.S.B, Larry D. McCormick, Timothy M. Milinovich, and Mark P. Reasoner); “Investigations into the Negotiation of Power in Antiquity” (co-conveners: Kenneth Stenstrup and John J. Pilch †; core group members in attendance: Joan C. Campbell, C.S.M., Wendy Cotter, C.S.J, and Walter F. Taylor, Jr.).

The Continuing Seminars and their respective leaders studied: “Divinity in Ancient Israel: “Deuteronomistic Deities in 2 Kings” (John L. McLaughlin); “Purity and Sacrifice in Second Temple Judaism and Emerging Christianity: Misinterpreting Purity and Sacrifice in Scholarship and Preaching” (John J. Clabeaux and Gregory Tatum, O.P.); “The Deuterocanonical Books: Aspects of Jewish Identity” (Jeremy Corley and Vincent Skemp); “The Synoptic Gospels: John the Baptist in the Gospel Tradition—Reception and Re-Creation” (Séamus G. O’Connell and Brigid Curtin Frein); “The Bible and Its Traditions: Studies and Exercises in Hosea, Psalms, Luke, and James” (Olivier-Thomas Venard, O.P and Kevin Stephens, O.P.); “Epistle to the Hebrews: Text, Themes, and Theology” (Kevin McCruden and Angela Kim Harkins), and “Hebrew Poetry Seminar: The Poetry of Second Isaiah” (Joseph E. Jensen and Pauline A. Viviano).

The morning concluded with papers presented in Simultaneous Sessions by Jeremy Corley, “Ben Sira Studies since the Year 2000” and by Thomas Stegman, S.J., “Paul and the ‘Universal Call to Holiness.’”

Four sessions of Research Reports during the afternoon heard the following papers delivered: Don C. Benjamin, “The Land Rights of Women in Deuteronomy and the Near East”; Peter Claver Ajer, “The Death of Jesus and the Politics of Place in the Gospel of John”; Michael G. Azar, “Old, New, Neither: Romans 7 and an Eastern Orthodox Perspective”; Leslie Baynes, “Hopeless Rich Men in Sheol: Luke 16:19-25 and the Parables of Enoch 62-63”; Kelley Coblentz Bautch, “Pseudepigraphal Texts as Christian Literature”; David A. Bosworth, “ Infant Abandonment Stories in Hebrew and Greek”; Alessandro Cavicchia, “Intertextual analysis of 4QpIsa fr. 8–10:17-25 and Jn 19:2-5”; Michael Cover, “Jewish Wisdom and Greco-Roman Philosophy”; Lesley DiFransico, “The Metaphorical Removal of Sin in the Hebrew Bible”; Garrett Galvin, O.F.M., “Kingship: Moving Back from Reconceptualization to Concept”; Todd R. Hanneken, “Eating on Blood: What Is It? Who Did It? Why? Why Not?”; Todd Hibbard, “The Place and Function of Isaiah 2:2–4 in the Book of Isaiah”; Henry Ansgar Kelly, “Love of Neighbor as Great Commandment: Grasping at Straws in the OT”; Anne Marie Kitz, “Two *√hyy/hwy Deities”; Paul Korchin, “Glimpsing Archaic Biblical Hebrew”; Mahri Leonard-Fleckman, “Scribal Imagination and the Adulterous Wife”; Eric F. Mason, “Abraham Traditions in Second Temple Period Texts and the New Testament”; Danny Mathews, “Royal Motifs in the Pentateuchal Portrayal of Moses”; Mark A. Matson, “The Rhetoric of Luke's Travel Narrative”; Christopher Rupert S.J., “Swallowing Pride: Lessons from Peter and Paul”; Marie Noonan Sabin, “Elements of Jewish Mysticism in the Gospels”; John J. Schmitt, “The Uniquenesses of Zephaniah 3:14”; Christopher J. Seeman, “Loving What Is Beautiful Together: The Poetics of Torah Observance in Josephus”; Michael Ufok Udoekpo, “Idle Songs (Hamōn Širȋm) and Worship: Prophetic Critique of Amos 5 for Today”; John T. Willis, “Water as a Symbol of Peace in the Psalter.”

Concurrent with the first two research report sessions was the Round Table discussion “Fighting over the Bible: Jewish Interpretation, Sectarianism and Polemic from Temple to Talmud and Beyond,” the convener being Isaac Kalimi.

All liturgies were celebrated at Mission Santa Clara de Asís. The Most Reverend Anthony B. Taylor, Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock was presider and homilist for the Sunday evening Eucharistic celebration, with Most Reverend Stephen E. Blaire, Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton concelebrating. Members of the association who died during previous years were commemorated during the liturgy: Rev. Thien Dang, O.S.B, William L. Holladay, Rev. William T. Miller, S.J., Rev. Kevin G. O’Connell, S.J., John J. Pilch, Rev. Richard W. Rousseau, S.J., Dr. R. Thomas Schaub, Dwight Moody Smith, Rev. Paul P. Zilonka.

The evening concluded with the President’s Address, “The Strategy of the Deuteronomistic Historian: A Proposal” delivered by Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M., followed by a social hour.

Sessions on Monday, August 8th

Rev. Gregory Tatum, O.P. was the principal celebrant and homilist at the 7:00 A.M. Eucharistic liturgy celebrating the Memorial of Saint Dominic. The Task Forces and Continuing Seminars resumed their work in the morning. The morning concluded with papers presented in simultaneous sessions by Gina Henz-Piazza, “Cameo Appearances in II Kings 4. 1-7: Artifacts of Scenery or Agents of Change” and by Gregory Tatum, O.P. “Justification and the Faith of Christ.”

During the afternoon, a Round Table discussion, “Race, Ethnicity, and Revelation” was convened by Ahida E. Pilarski and Hugo Mendez as well as two sessions of Research Reports heard the following papers delivered: Joseph C. Atkinson, “Creation-Flood-Exodus as Primordial Triptych”; Sherri L. Brown, “Believing in the Gospel of John: The Ethical Imperative of Becoming Children of God”; Dulcinea L. Boesenberg – “Jewish Identity and Torah-Observance in Acts”; Toan Do, “The Johannine Request to ‘Come and See’ and an Ethic of Love”; Michael W. Duggan, “The Temple Reconstruction and Dedication in Ezra 1-6”; Mark O. Enemali, C.S.Sp., “The Ark of YHWH/the Covenant as a Visible Manifestation of God”; Shawn W. Flynn, “Ancient Israelite Children in Comparative Perspective”; Harry Hagan, O.S.B., “Master Plots and the Biblical Narrative”; Joseph E. Jensen, “From Angel-as-Divine-Agent to Archangel Michael”; Robert A. Kugler,“Violence and the Testament of Job”; Dale F. Launderville, O.S.B., “Text, Translation, and Reception History”; David Penchansky, “Hosea Through Three Lenses: Classic Commentaries Compared”; Mark Reasoner, “Reformed and Pietist Romans Interpretation in 17th – 19th Centuries”

Business Meeting

CBA President Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. called the annual business meeting to order at 3:26 P.M. with a welcome and invocation. He noted that the number of active Full members is 918. To achieve a quorum, 10% of the active Full membership (92) would need to be present at the business meeting. With 111 Full members present, the President recognized that a quorum had been achieved. The names of CBA members who passed away since the last meeting were read.

In advance of the meeting, CBA members were notified by e-mail that the business meeting reports were available for download from the CBA website. Throughout the business meeting, a Power Point presentation was displayed containing salient points from each of the reports.

The Executive Director’s report was presented by Joseph C. Atkinson. He started by thanking the membership for the many ways in which they have contributed to the association. He also thanked the Board of Directors which he noted has played a strong role in governance. Particular appreciation was expressed for the work of Past-President Barbara Reid, O.P., President Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. and Chair Pheme Perkins. He also recognized Jean-François Racine and his team at Santa Clara University for working so hard and diligently in hosting the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Atkinson also noted that it has been difficult to find locations for the meetings and to address this, the Executive Board is looking into identifying a fixed number of institutions that would want to regularly host CBA on a recurring cycle. Atkinson also credited the Committee on Program for the Annual General Meeting for the excellent speakers for the Plenary and Simultaneous Sessions, expressing gratitude to the committee and its Chair, Angela Kim Harkins, for their impressive work. The work of the Committee on Nominations was also acknowledged, noting that Chair, Pauline Viviano, and the committee reviewed and vetted the many recommendations made by the membership resulting in an excellent ballot for the open positions on the Executive Board and CBA Committees. Atkinson also shared his appreciation of the CBA Office staff, Violet Halton and Lisa Tarker as well as the CBA webmaster Felix Just, S.J., who also produces the PowerPoint presentations during the CBA Business Meetings. Atkinson indicated that in September information will be sent to members pertaining to the Emerging Scholars program recently approved by the Executive Board. The program will provide monies for young scholars to attend and present their papers at our Annual Meetings. He pointed out that this was one way to encourage the growth of the Association, but stated that is critically important that members need to encourage students and other colleagues to join CBA. Atkinson put forth two other immediate goals of the organization: development of the CBA web presence and establishing a grant system to encourage Biblical scholarship and research. The ultimate aim, he stated, is to continually find ways to creatively help people to encounter more effectively the living Word of God. The floor was opened for questions and/or comments. None were forthcoming.  John P. Meier moved and Thomas P. McCreesh, O.P. seconded that the report be accepted. With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion carried unanimously.

In the absence of the Chair, Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S., the report of the Committee on Finance and Investments was presented by John P. Meier. Prior to the meeting the CBA Financial Report for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2016 was posted to the member’s only portion of the CBA website and the report which also was projected on the screen during the reading of Witherup’s report. The Committee continues to keep a sharp eye on the investments and has not recommended any changes in policy at this time. At the end of the fiscal year June 30, 2016, the investment portfolio had grown by more than $305,000, an increase of 3.11%, which Meier noted is quite good given the volatility of the market in the past year. Meier reported that the committee met earlier in the week and has undertaken long range budgetary plan prepared by Harold W. Attridge, Jr.  Meier also said that the committee is looking forward to the Executive Board’s proposed implementation of a financial development, noting that the details of such a program needs to be pursued further. The floor was opened for questions/and or comments. There being none, Hoppe asked for a motion to accept the report. Raymond F. Collins so moved and Patrick Cronauer, O.S.B. seconded the motion. The members present verbally indicated their support for the motion with none to the contrary.

Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. presented his report as the General Editor of The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, expressing thanks to the Editorial Board for its work with particular thanks to Linda M. Maloney who has completed her term as New Testament Book Review Editor and to Mary Ann Beavis who will be taking on the position. He noted that the Book Review Editors are always looking for new reviewers and suggested that if members are interested in being added to the list, or if there is an interest in a particular title to contact the editors (David A. Bosworth for OT and Mary Ann Beavis for NT). Hoppe reported that since the last CBA meeting, CBQ volume 77 number. 3 and volume 78 numbers 1-3 have gone out on time. The October issue (vol. 78, no. 4) is with the copy editors. He then expressed gratitude to Maurya Horgan and Paul Kobelski of Scriptorium, and Christopher T. Begg for their timely work. Hoppe commented that last year at this time he was worried that there were only four articles in process. He indicated his relief that this year there are seventeen articles in the queue. Hoppe also indicated that the CBQ Editorial Board is appointing a subcommittee to look into an observance of 80th year of CBQ. Hoppe moved that the following persons recommended by the CBQ Editorial Board be elected to serve on that Board: Marianne Blickenstaff, Sherri L. Brown, Karl A. Kuhn, Jacqueline Lapsley (nominated for second term, 2017-2020); Richard J. Bautch, Thomas Hieke, Karina M. Hogan, Christopher L. Keith (newly nominated for 2017-2020). With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion passed unanimously.

Hoppe then pointed out that the General Editor’s first term ends in December. He indicated that he could be reappointed or another person should be elected as the CBQ General Editor. Thomas P. McCreesh, O.P. moved and Linda M. Maloney seconded that Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. be elected for a second term as General Editor of CBQ. With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion passed unanimously.

In the absence of Christopher T. Begg, Joseph E. Jensen gave the report of the General Editor of Old Testament Abstracts. He noted that the February and June issues of OTA 2016 have appeared. He also made an appeal for new abstractors. Abstractors may keep the books abstracted and/or receive free subscriptions to journals abstracted. Those interested in contributing to OTA in this manner should contact either Christopher T. Begg or Joseph E. Jensen. Raymond F. Collins moved and John P. Meier seconded that the report be accepted. With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion carried unanimously.

The report of the General Editor of CBQ Monograph Series was presented by Robert A. Kugler. He announced that at the time of his report, CBQMS 55, Exploring Biblical Kinship: Festschrift in Honor of John J. Pilch, edited by Joan Campbell and Patrick J. Hartin is in its final stages of production. As noted last year, this volume is the product of papers presented over recent years in the CBA Task Force, “The Social Sciences and New Testament Interpretation.” Noting the recent passing of Pilch, Kugler indicated that copies of the festschrift will be sent to M. Isabelle Macgregor before August 27 memorial Mass.

Since last reporting, the CBQMS Editorial Board has received four manuscripts. He issued an invitation to CBA members to submit their work to the editorial board for consideration. Retiring from the CBQMS Editorial Board in 2016 are Richard J. Clifford, S.J., John J. Collins, Beverly Gaventa, and Eugene Ulrich. Kuglar moved that moved that the following persons recommended by the CBQMS Editorial Board be elected to serve on that Board: Todd R. Hanneken, Dominik Markl, Margaret M. Mitchell, and Molly M. Zahn. With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion carried unanimously.

The report of the Committee on Credentials was given by Joseph C. Atkinson. A motion was made that the following individuals be approved for membership at their respective levels into the Catholic Biblical Association:

For Full Membership:

Sonja G. Anderson, Michael P. Barber, John R. Barker, O.F.M., Vincent P. DeMeo, Genevive Dibley, Joachim M. Eck, Thomas Esposito, O. Cist., Randolf C. Flores, Todd R. Hanneken, Melanie A. Howard, Andrew N. Knapp, Andrew W. Litke, Luke J.W. Macnamara, O.S.B., Sophia A. Magallanes, Ervens D. Mengelle, I.V.E., Mirasol C. Navidad, Sergio N. Ovando, Carmen J.H. Palmer, Cambry G. Pardee, Barnabe Millan J. Sajonas, Lucas L. Schulte, James B. Shelton, Archie T. Wright.

For Associate Membership:

Christina M. Bosserman, Katherine E. Brown, Brian M. Carrier, Helen Cashell-Moran, Febbie C. Dickerson, Najeeb T. Haddad, Daniel Hernandez, Joel B. Kemp, John A. Kincaid, John M. Kohler, Brian Y. Lee, Andrew Montanaro, Elke U. O'Donnell, Thomas L.P. O’Donnell, Kyle A. Roark, Joshua R. Scott, Linda K.Y. Sin, Justin M. Staller, Slawomir S. Szkredka, Eric M. Trinka, Seth A. Whitaker, Michael T. Wingert.

The candidates for CBA membership were accepted by unanimous voice vote.

Pauline A. Viviano gave the report of the Committee on Nomination, presenting the candidates for the open positions on the CBA Executive Board: Harry P. Nasuti for President (2016-17), Eileen M. Schuller, O.S.U. for Vice-President (2016-17), Séamus O’Connell and Mahri Leonard-Fleckman for Consultors (2016-18); for the open positions on the Committee for Nominations: Vincent Skemp and Lai Ling Ngan (2016-19); for the open positions on the Committee on the Program for the Annual General Meeting: Toan Do, Stephen D. Ryan, O.P., and Timothy R. Carmody (2016-19); for the Committee on Research Support: Todd R. Hanneken and T. J. Jeremy Corley (2016-18); and for the Committee on Technology and Outreach: Francis M. Macatangay, John Kaltner, and James E. West. In a voice vote the ballots were unanimously approved by the members present.

On behalf of the Resolutions Committee, Harold W. Attridge, Jr., introduced the following motion which passed unanimously by voice vote: WHEREAS our hosts, Santa Clara University, and the Local Arrangements Committee under the able leadership of Jean-François Racine, have provided a warm welcome and gracious hospitality to the members of The Catholic Biblical Association of America on the occasion of its Seventy-ninth meeting.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Association shall express our profound thanks and deep appreciation to Santa Clara University and to all of our local hosts.

After the approval of the resolution, the Executive Director presented to Jean-François Racine as an expression of gratitude a plaque that stated: “In Appreciation the great effort, kindness, and warm hospitality of Santa Clara University and its Jesuit School of Theology for hosting the Seventy-ninth International Meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association of America, August 6-9, 2016.”

Members were then invited by David A. Bosworth to the Seventy-ninth International Meeting of CBA to be held August 5-8, 2017 at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

New Business

Hoppe recognized President-elect Harry P. Nasuti to introduce two Executive Board initiatives. Nasuti reminded members that earlier reports expressed concern for planning for future: 1. growth of the membership base and 2. financial security. He pointed out that great things are being done to share the work of CBA with as many people as possible and that the work of Committee on Finance and Investments has been solid, but in both cases further planning is necessary. Therefore, the Executive Board is forming two ad hoc committees (permitted under the new constitution). The first is an Ad hoc Committee for Membership with a mandate to explore and propose ways to encourage younger scholars to apply for membership and participate in the Association. The second is an Ad hoc Committee for Development to study and propose means of fund-raising. He issued an invitation to all members with interest or expertise in either of these areas to contact him via e-mail. Sometime after the meeting, all members will receive an e-mail with further information.

Hoppe opened the floor for questions and introduction of new business. John C. Endres, S.J. raised a question about the status of a motion was made at an earlier Business Meeting seeking a new fee structure for graduate students. He indicated that a reduction in the fee would be favorably received by students who are usually stressed financially. Linda M. Maloney concurred, adding that it is her understanding that a good portion of the membership fee goes toward the production of CBQ and that most students would prefer to access CBQ online. Endres proposed and Mark S. Smith seconded that the Executive Board study the membership fees and propose a new fee structure for graduate students by next Spring. With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion carried unanimously.

Atkinson was again given the floor to report that the CBA is again looking for a meeting site in 2018 since the invitation from a mid-west institution was recently rescinded in light of extensive renovations. He asked that anyone interested in hosting the 2018 contact him.

Those in attendance were encouraged to go to the CBA website to complete an online Evaluation form.

At 4:35 P.M., Raymond F. Collins moved and Patrick Cronauer, O.S.B. seconded that the meeting be adjourned. After approval was unanimously voiced, Hoppe declared the meeting adjourned.

At an ecumenical celebration of Evening Prayer, Mary Ann Beavis presided and Pauline A. Viviano preached on Ezekial 1:2-5, 24-28.

Monday evening concluded with a General Session presentation by Mary Healy, “‘O Woman, Great Is Your Faith!’: Jesus’ Encounters with Women of Faith,” followed by a reception.

Sessions on Tuesday, August 9th

Rev.  John C. Endres, S.J.  was the principal celebrant and homilist for the 7:00 A.M. Eucharistic liturgy.

The Task Forces and Continuing Seminars met in the first part of the morning. In the final general session, Amy-Jill Levine. presented her paper, “Nostra Aetate — Omnia Mutantur: The Times They Are a Changing.”

The following CBA members and invited guests were in attendance at the meeting:

Ajer, Peter Claver

Albl, Martin C.

Alderman, Isaac M.

Anderson, Gary A.

Arnold, Bill T.

Atkinson, Joseph C.

Attridge, Jr., Harold W.

Ayeni, Ayodele, C.S.Sp.

Azar, Michael G.

Barber, Michael P.

Barker, John R., O.F.M.

Bautch, Richard J.

Baynes, Leslie A.

Beavis, Mary Ann

Benjamin, Don C.

Betancourt, Juan M., S.E.M.V.

Binz, Stephen J.

Blaire, Stephen Edward

Bobertz, Charles A.

Boesenberg, Dulcinea L.

Boisclair, Regina A.

Bosworth, David A.

Brien, Mary T., P.B.V.M.

Brown, Sherri L.

Campbell, Joan C., C.S.M.

Carmody, Timothy R.

Carvalho, Corrine L.

Cavicchia, Alessandro, O.F.M.

Chesnutt, Randall D.

Christoffersen, Hans

Ciccarino, Christopher M.

Clabeaux, John J.

Coblentz Bautch, Kelley

Collins, Raymond F.

Cook, Joan E., S.C.

Corley, Thomas J.

Cotter, Wendy, C.S.J.

Couture, Patrick N., S.J.

Cover, Michael

Chretain, Diandra

Cronauer, Patrick T., O.S.B.

Davis, Andrew R.

Dempsey, Carol J., O.P.

DeVivo, Jenny

DeVries, Thomas

Dewrell, Heath D.

Dibley, Genevive

Dietlein, Damian L., O.S.B.

DiFransico, Lesley R.

DiMicco, Russell G.

Do, Toan

Dubovsky, Peter, S.J.

Duggan, Michael W.

Dwyer, Peter

Dyer, Bryan R.

Eck, Joachim M.

Elliott, Neil

Ellis, Teresa Ann

Endres, John C., S.J.

Enemali, Mark O., C.S.Sp.

Esposito, Thomas, O.Cist.

Fairchild, Mark R.

Flesher, LeAnn Snow

Flynn, Shawn W.

Frechette, Christopher

Frein, Brigid Curtin

Frizzell, Lawrence E.

Galvin, Garrett M., O.F.M.

Gillman, Florence M.

Gillman, John L.

Girard, Marc

Glazov, Gregory Y.

Gómez-Ramírez, Madeline

Goodwin, Mark J.

Hagan, Harry, O.S.B.

Halton, Violet

Hamm, Dennis, S.J.

Hanneken, Todd R.

Harmon, Bradley

Harrington, Linda S.

Hayes, Katherine M.

Healy, Mary E.

Hens-Piazza, Gina J.

Herms, Ronald

Hibbard, J. Todd

Hoeck, Andreas

Homrighausen, Jonathan

Hoppe, Leslie J., O.F.M.

Horell, Barbara Jean Daly

Iwański, Dariusz

Jackson, John R.

Jensen, Joseph E.

Just, Felix, S.J.

Kalimi, Isaac

Kaltner, John

Kelly, Henry Ansgar

Kincaid, John

Kinney, James

Kitz, Anne Marie

Kleiner, Johannes

Andrew Knapp

Kohler, John M.

Kodell, Jerome W.

Kohles, Sarah, O.S.F.

Korchin, Paul D.

Kruger, Brent, C.S.C.

Kugler, Robert A.

Lambey, Veronica R., S.S.F.

LaMontagne, Nathan

Lampe, Stephen L.

Lane, Thomas l.

Launderville, Dale F., O.S.B.

Leonard-Fleckman, Mahri S.

Levine, Amy-Jill

Lewis, Scott M., S.J.

Lodge, John G.

Looney, Daniel A.

Lux, Richard C.

Macatangay, Francis M.

Mackie, Scott D.

Magallanes, Sophia

Maillet, Paul A., PSS

Malin, Gary J

Maloney, Elliott C., O.S.B.

Maloney, Linda M.

Mandolfo, Carleen R.

Marek, Libor

Martinez, Ernest R., S.J.

Martinez, Roberto, O.F.M. Cap.

Mason, Eric F.

Mathews, Danny

Matson, Mark A.

Mazich, Edward, O.S.B.

McCormick, Larry D.

McCormick, Ruth S.

McCreesh, Thomas P., O.P.

McCruden, Kevin B.

McDonald, Joseph

McKenzie, Steven L.

McLaughlin, John L.

Meier, John P.

Mendez, Hugo

Milinovich, Timothy M.

Mitchell, Alan C.

Miles, Pamela H.

Moriarty, Robert K., S.M.

Morton, Russell

Mullen, J. Patrick

Muller, Earl C., S.J.

Nasuti, Harry P.

Navidad, Marisol C. R.S.C.J.

Nellis, Carl

Ngan, Lai Ling E.

Nguyen, Thanh V., S.V.D.

O’Connell, Séamus G.

O’Leary, Anne M., P.B.V.M.

O’Toole, Robert F., S.J.

Ovando, Sergio N.

Owens, J. Edward, O.SS.T.

Padilla, José-David, O.P.

Park, Hyun Ho Peter

Patella, Michael F., O.S.B.

Penchansky, David

Petrany, Catherine E.

Pilarski, Ahida E.

Pisano, Stephen, S.J.

Polinski, Nathanael R., O.S.B.

Pouchelle, Patrick

Prince, Deborah Thompson

Racine, Jean-François

Ramirez, Rafael M.

Reasoner, Mark P.

Reid, Barbara E., O.P.

Rodriguez, Maria E.

Romero, Gilbert

Rosenblatt, Eloise M., R.S.M.

Rupert, Christopher T.

Ryan, Stephen D., O.P.

Sabin, Marie N.

Sailors, Timothy B.

Salvador, Roberta L., M.M.

Schmisek, Brian

Schmitt, Bobbie O'Hara

Schmitt, John J.

Schneck, Richard J., S.J.

Schneiders, Sandra S.

Schuller, Eileen M., O.S.U.

Seeman, Christopher J.

Senior, Donald P., C.P.

Sias, Eric

Skemp, Vincent T. M.

Skinner, Christopher W.

Smith, David Whitten

Smith, Mark S.

Spatafora, Andrea, M.S.F.

Sperry, Mary Elizabeth

Spitaler, Peter

Stachow, Mary Ann, S.B.S.

Stegman, Thomas D., S.J.

Stenstrup, Kenneth G.

Stephens, Kevin, O.P.

Sterling, Gregory E.

Tarker, Lisa A.

Tassone, Salvatone A.

Tatum, Gregory T., O.P.

Taylor, Anthony B.

Taylor Jr., Walter F.

Thomson, Michael N.

Tobin, Thomas H., S.J.

Tripp, Jeffrey M.

Tyler, Ronald L.

Udoekpo, Michael U.

Venard, Olivier-Thomas, O.P.

Viviano, Pauline A.

Walker, Mary

Walters, Patricia

Willis, John T.

Willis, Timothy M.

Wingert, Michael T

Wright, Archie T.


Respectfully submitted by,

Dr. Joseph C. Atkinson
CBA Executive Director

Lisa A. Tarker
Recording Secretary