2014 AGM - Providence College

Past Meetings/Events,

Report of the Seventy-Seventh International Meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association of America

The seventy-seventh International Meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association of America was held July 26-29, 2014, at the Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island. The meeting opened on the evening of Saturday, July 26, with a welcome from Providence College’s Vice-President for Mission and Ministry, R. Gabriel Pavarnik, O.P. The welcome was followed by a panel discussion on the topic, “Hermeneutics in America: Exploring African-American, Asian, and Latina/o Lenses on the Bible”, moderated by Marylyn Ellen White. The panelists were Fernando F. Segovia, Vanderbilt University; Lai Ling E. Ngan, Baylor University; Stephen Breck Reid, Baylor University. The panel discussion was followed by a social hour.

Sessions on Sunday, July 27th

Four task forces and seven continuing seminars met simultaneously each day from 9:00 to 10:45 A.M.  The task forces included:  “The Social Sciences and New Testament Interpretation:  Investigations into Kinship” (co-conveners: Patrick J. Hartin and Joan C. Campbell, C.S.M.; core group members in attendance: Eduardo F. Arens; Daniel K. Darko; Karl A. Kuhn; Robert K. Moriarty; José D. Padilla. O.P.; John A. Szukalski; Benedict T. Viviano, O.P.); “Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics” (co-conveners:  Ahida E. Pilarski and Sheila E. McGinn; core group members in attendance: Mary Ann Beavis; Carol J. Dempsey, O.P.; Damien L. Dietlein, O.S.B.; John C. Endres, S.J.; Florence Morgan Gillman; Corinna Y. Guerrero; Alice L. Laffey; Sallie J. Latkovich; Linda M. Maloney; Lai Ling E. Ngan; Julia D.E. Prinz, V.D.M.F.; Barbara E. Reid, O.P.; Fernando F. Segovia; Lauress L. Wilkins); “Biblical Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies” (co-conveners: Richard J. Bautch and Jean-François Racine; core group members in attendance: Michael Patella, O.S.B.; David Penchansky; Stephen Breck Reid; C. Gilbert Romero; David W. Smith; Peter Spitaler); “John’s Gospel and the Old Testament” (co-conveners Lawrence E. Frizell and Gregory Y. Glazov; core group members in attendance:  James Barker; Sherri L. Brown; Christopher M. Ciccarino; Michael Allen Daise; Mark A. Matson; George T. Montague, S.M.; Lourdes García Ureña).

The continuing seminars and their respective leaders studied: “Purity and Sacrifice in Second Temple Judaism and Emerging Christianity: Jonathan Klawans and the Study of Second Temple Ritual” (John J. Clabeaux and Gregory Tatum, O.P.); “The Deuterocanonical Books” (Jeremy Corley and Geoff D. Miller); “Divinity in Ancient Israel” ( John L. McLaughlin); “The Synoptic Gospels: Texts and Contexts” (Séamus G. O’Connell and Brigid Curtin Frein); “God and Scripture in 1-2 Corinthians” (Robert F. O’Toole, S.J. and Thomas D. Stegman, S.J.); “Hebrew Poetry Seminar: Psalms 141-145” (Joseph E. Jensen and Pauline A. Viviano); “The Bible in Its Traditions Research Programme: First Achievements on Hosea and James” (Olivier-Thomas Venard, O.P., Kevin Stephens, O.P. and Marcel Sigrist, O.P.).

The morning concluded with papers presented in simultaneous sessions by Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., “Hearing the Prophets from the Bowels of the Earth”, and by Mary Ann Beavis, “Which Mary, and Does it Matter?”

Four sessions of research reports during the afternoon heard the following papers delivered: Gregory Tatum, O.P., “Paul’s Three Types of Christians”; John T. Willis, “Water Symbolism in the Psalter”; Richard J. Clifford, S.J., “Interpreting Proverbs 1-9”; Geoffrey David Miller, “Testing an Inadequate Father: A New Reading of the Aqedah”; Michael A. Daise, “The Quotation of Psalm 69:10 at John 2:17”; Charles A. Bobertz, “The Liturgical Reading of the Gospel of Mark”; Regina A. Boisclair, “Lectionary Readings on Poverty and Affluence in the Eastern and Western Churches”; Jin H. Han, “Prudence ridens: The Sage’s Smile in Proverbs”; David Penchansky, “The Ant Sura, Solomon, Moses in Bible and Qur’an”; Mark A. Matson, “Foreshadowing and Realization: Key Elements in John’s Narrative Construction”; John Granger Cook, “Ancient Images of Crucifixion, Classical Texts, and Mark 15:34”; Joseph Riordan, S.J., “Sin of Omission or Commission: An Insertion in 4QJera”; Jean-François Racine, “Reading the Bible from an Aesthetic Perspective at the End of the 18th Century: Samuel Jackson Pratt’s The Sublime and Beautiful of Scripture”; John Kaltner, “Nature as Muslim: Applying a Qur’anic Concept to the Bible”; Sherri Brown, “What’s in an Ending? John 21 and the Performative Force and an Epilogue”; Mark Reasoner, “‘The Thoughts of Many Hearts’: Interior Characterization in the Gospel of Luke”; Matthew G. Whitlock “Paul’s Poetic Techniques and the Poetry of the Septuagint”; Paul Niskanen, “The Text of Isaiah 62:5: From MT to Bishop Lowth and Back Again by Way of LXX”; David A. Bosworth, “Deities as Parental Figures in Hebrew and Akkadian Prayers”; C. Clifton Black, “Endzeit als Urzeit: Dimensions of Creation in the Gospel according to Mark”; Angela Kim Harkins, “A Reappraisal of the Teacher of Righteousness”; Toan Do, “The First Disciples of Jesus: A Literary Awareness of Early Gospel Traditions in John 1:35-51”.

Concurrent with the research reports were two round-table discussions “Spirituality, Scripture, and Scholarship: A Discussion about Renewing and Energizing Academic Life” (1:20 – 2:50 P.M.) led by Deborah Thompson Prince and Kelley Coblentz Bautch; and “Translation: Theory and Practice” (3:20 – 4:50 P.M.) led by Kent Harold Richards, Roy E. Ciampa, Gordon-Conwell, and Philip H. Towner.

The evening Eucharistic celebration was concelebrated by the Most Reverend Robert C. Evans, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Providence, and the Most Reverend Donald W. Trautman, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Erie. Bishop Evans offered the homily. Members of the association who died during previous years were commemorated at the liturgy: Ellen B. Aitken; Francis J. Buckley, S.J.; Stephen J. Denig, C.M.; Demetrius R. Dumm, O.S.B.; Ernest S. Frerichs; Francis T. Gignac, S.J.; Daniel J. Harrington, S.J.; John H. Hayes; Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, O.P.; John. D.W. Watts.

The evening concluded with the President’s Address, “Apophatic Theology in the Priestly Source,” delivered by Gary A. Anderson, followed by a social hour.

Sessions on Monday, July 28

Kevin Smith, O.P. was the principal celebrant and homilist at the 7:00 A.M. Eucharistic liturgy. The task forces and continuing seminars resumed their work in the morning. The morning concluded with papers presented in simultaneous sessions by Steven L. McKenzie, “That Accursed Woman (2 Kgs 9:34): Jezebel in the Composition and Ideology of the Book of Kings,” and by Benedict T. Viviano, O.P., “Rudolf Bultmann and a Specifically Dominican Approach to Holy Scripture”.

During the afternoon, two sessions of research reports heard the following papers delivered: vanThanh Nguyen, S.V.D., “The Edict of Claudius and the Expulsion of Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18:1-2a)”; Craig E. Morrison, O.Carm., “Meribaal (or Mephiboshet) responds to Leonhard Rost”; Francis M. Macatangay, University of St. Thomas, TX,  “Burial of the Dead in the Book of Tobit as Imitation and Anticipation of God’s Restoration of Israel”; Lourdes García Ureña, Universidad CEU-San Pablo, “Seeing Visions in the Book of Revelation”; Michael Winger, “What Led to the Creation of Gospels?”; Florence Morgan Gillman, “You Turned to God from Idols” (1 Thess 1:9) A Rejection Especially Difficult for Women?”; Garrett Galvin, O.F.M., “The Chronicler’s Ideological Treatment of Early Judean Kings”; Todd R. Hanneken, “Recent Technological Developments for the Recovery of Text from Unreadable Manuscripts”; Eric F. Mason, “Apocalyptic Elements in the Epistle to the Hebrews”; Marie Noonan Sabin, “Sharing in Divinity: Wisdom in Ancient Texts”.

Business Meeting

CBA President Gary A. Anderson called the annual business meeting to order at 3:15 P.M. After a brief welcome, the President established that with 121 active members present at the business meeting the meeting had achieved a quorum — constituted as ten percent of the total active membership of 1,068 (c.f.  8.-IV,1 of the CBA Constitution). The count of active members present at the meeting was reported by CBA staff members, Violet Halton and Lisa Tarker. In advance of the meeting, CBA members were notified by e-mail that the business meeting reports were available for download from the CBA website. Throughout the business meeting, a Power Point presentation was displayed containing salient points from each of the reports.

Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S.  as Chair of the Board of Trustees, gave his finanical report. One year ago, on June 30th, 2013, the value of the UBS accounts were $8,141,906. The value of the accounts on June 30th, 2014 was $9,394,911. The net deposit into the UBS accounts was $101,982. Thus, the UBS accounts realized a 14.01% return for the fiscal year. Witherup moved that membership accept the report of the Chair of Board of Trustees. With no dissenting votes or abstentions , the motion passed unanimously.

In the absence of the CBA Treasurer, Christopher T. Begg, Joseph C. Atkinson presented Treasurer’s report. He began with a recognition of Fr. Begg and the OTA staff for their contributions. Atkinson then pointed out that the journals produce considerable revenue, with membership dues and CBA subscriptions providing a substantial portion of CBA’s receipts. He then drew attention to the $317,127.16 paid in royalties by the USCCB , with a reminder that this figure will change significantly within two years per the terms of the agreement with USCCB. The reported $92,712.84 in royalties reflects the high regard with which the academic community regards CBA publications. The total receipts for the past fiscal year was $ 874,920.42. With respect to expenses, Atkinson indicated that these remained stable. The one fairly recently added expense is that of paying of annual rent to The Catholic University of America, though he noted that by D.C. standards the rental rate is very inexpensive. The total expenditures for the past fiscal year were $487,739.83. Atkinson moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. The motion was passed without any dissent or abstentions being voiced.

The Executive Secretary’s report was given by Joseph C. Atkinson. The first part of the report summarized the accomplishments of the past year. The CBA office is finishing up the major portions of the transition since the retirement of Joseph A. Jensen, O.S.B. The goal established is to have all office tasks recorded by means of standard operating procedures. Atkinson expressed appreciation for the work Felix Just, SJ has done on developing the CBA website and for providing the Power Point displays during CBA business meetings. Atkinson also expressed gratitude to the CBA office staff — Violet Halton for her outstanding services in accounting and Lisa Tarker for her efforts on the monthly newsletters and annual meeting preparation. The Program Committee, chaired by John Clabbeaux, was thanked for its work on the current Annual Meeting and the work it has begun in programming for next year’s meeting in New Orleans.  The upgrade and transition of the database was near completion and, an ad hoc committee has been formed to study issues related to and make recommendations regarding establishing a policy on Open Access and institutional archiving of CBQ articles. The Executive Board met several times via conference call to deal with critical issues: the Annual Meeting and preparation of the Constitution and By-Laws for the approval of the CBA members. Outstanding issues include implementation of the Constitution and By-Laws; seeing the database becomes fully functioning in a Windows environment; continuing the upgrade of the website to make it more helpful for CBA members; a revisiting of the CBA grant program; and the completion of standard operating procedures. Atkinson concluded his report expressing gratitude to Fr. Jensen for his continued support and mentorship. It was moved that the report be accepted, which passed unanimously.

Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. gave the report as the General Editor of the CBQ, noting the passing of Associate Editor, Ellen B. Aitken and the transition of Old Testament Book Review Editor role from Joan E. Cook, SC to David A. Bosworth. He stated that the publishing of CBQ has been on schedule with Volume 73.3 in process. He thanked Copy Editor, Maurya P. Horgan, and Fr. Begg for their dedication and urged members to offer their service in reviewing books and writing for CBQ. Hoppe pointed out that less than 50% of CBQ articles currently are being written by CBA members. The CBQ editorial board recommended the election of the following colleagues to serve on the CBQ editorial board: Corrine L. Carvalho (2015-2018), Mark S. Smith (2015-2018), Maria Pascuzzi (2015-2018), Christopher W. Skinner (2015-2018), Timothy J. Sandoval (to complete Bosworth’s term 2014-2017), Sherri L. Brown (to complete Aitken’s term  2013-2016). Nominated for a second term (2015-2018) were: Beverly R. Gaventa, Jennifer A. Glancy, Katherine M. Hayes, Brent A. Strawn. Hoppe moved that the report be accepted. With no dissent or abstention being voiced, the motion passed unanimously.

In the absence of Christopher T. Begg, Joseph E. Jensen gave the report of the General Editor of OTA. He noted that two issues were produced in February and June, representing 1,416 article abstracts and 203 book abstracts. At the time of the report, the October issue was with the typesetter. He also remembered Joseph A. Wysocki, long-time typesetter for OTA, who died in May. It was moved that the report be accepted, which passed unanimously.

Robert A. Kugler presented his report of the General Editor of CBQMS. In 2014, two volumes have been published: The Temple Administration and the Levites in Chronicles by Yeong Seon Kim, FMM (51) and Divine Anger in the Hebrew Bible by Deena Grant (52). In production is CBQMS Volume 53, The Fallen Angels Traditions: Second Temple Developments and Reception History, edited by Angela Kim Harkins, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, and John Endres, S.J. Four manuscripts have been reviewed: one was sent back for revision with those revisions were received; one sent back for revision but revisions have yet to be received; one awaits the second reviewer’s comments; one has been rejected. Kugler moved that the report be accepted, which passed.

The report of the Committee on Credentials was given by Joseph C. Atkinson. A motion was made that the following individuals be approved for membership in their respective levels into the Catholic Biblical Association:

For Active Membership:

Samuel L. Adams, Ayodele Ayeni, C.S.Sp., James W. Barker, Ian K. Boxall, José L. Brum Teixeira, Matthew J. M. Coomber, Peter H. Davids, B.S.C.D., Kevin J. Haley, Jacqueline M. Hildago, Jonathan Klawans, Veronica R. Lambey, S.S.F., Tracy M. Lemos, Elijah N. Mueller, Catherine E. Petrany, Gerardo Rodriguez, the Most Reverend Anthony B. Taylor, Gerald E. Umoren.

For Associate Membership:

Laura K. Carlson, Ronald A. Checkai, O.P., Tongchun Chen, O.P., Russell G. DiMicco, Mitchell A. Esswein, Michael Francis, Brian M. Hauglid, Kathy D. Hoffman, Ian T. Kinman, William H. McDermott, Kevin M. McNulty, Ferdinand I. Okorie, C.M.F., Jeffrey M. Tripp.

The candidates were accepted by unanimous voice vote.

In the absence of Corrine L. Carvalho, Pauline A. Viviano gave the report of the Committee on Nominations. The Committee recommended the following slate of candidates:  Barbara E. Reid, O.P. for President (2014-2015); Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. for Vice-President (2014-2015); Joseph C. Atkinson for Executive Secretary (2014-2015); Carol J. Dempsey, O.P. for Executive Board Consultor (2014-2016); Andrew R. Davis for Executive Board Consultor (2014-2016); Christopher T. Begg for Treasurer (2014-2015); Christopher T. Begg for OTA General Editor: (2014-2015); Kelley Coblentz-Bautch for Committee on Nominations (2014-2018).

On behalf of the Resolutions Committee, Harold W. Attridge, Jr., introduced the following motion which passed unanimously by voice vote: WHEREAS our hosts, Providence College, and the Local Organizing Committee under the able leadership of Terence Keegan, O.P., have provided a warm welcome and gracious hospitality to the members of the Catholic Biblical Association on the occasion of its Seventy-seventh meeting.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Association shall express our profound thanks and deep appreciation to Providence College and to all of our local hosts.

New Business

Gary A. Anderson introduced the vote on the revised Constitution and By-Laws with a review of the extensive consultative process that brought the association to this point. The process began with the recommendations of the Strategic Planning Committee (created with the approval of members at the CBA 2010 annual meeting) discussed at the “Town Hall Meeting” during the 2011 annual meeting. In July of 2012, the report of the CBA's Strategic Planning Committee was accepted by the Executive Board at its annual meeting. During the 2012 annual meeting a second “Town Hall” meeting was held with the proposed changes being made available to CBA members in two forms: the current Constitution and Bylaws with tracked changes and a "clean copy" of both with changes incorporated. After the 2012 meeting, an ad hoc committee (CBLRC) consisting of three CBA members was appointed by the President to propose a revised draft of the Constitution and By-Laws. The changes proposed by the ad hoc committee were available on the CBA website from the Fall 2012 – Spring 2013, and CBA members (both active and associate) were asked to submit their comments on the proposed changes, either through a form on the website or by emailing the CBLRC chair by April 1, 2013. The CBLRC then summarized all of the members’ comments and made its Report to the Executive Board.

The CBA membership was notified of the Executive Board’s recommendations for changes to the Constitution and By-Laws, to be discussed and voted upon at the 76th International Meeting of the CBA. The CBA membership discussed the proposed changes at the annual "Business Meeting" on Monday, Aug. 5, but no vote was taken, since it was determined that we needed further revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws. After the 2013 Annual Meeting, the Executive Board consulted with a canon lawyer to review the revisions. On January 21, 2014 - The Executive Board submitted the revised Constitution and By-Laws to the Confraternity on Christian Doctrine, Inc., per the CBA agreement with the USCCB. On March 27, 2014, the USCCB General Secretary notified the CBA that the CCD has reviewed the revised documents and that the “bishops raised no objection to the changes presented. Any changes to the foundational documents would require new consideration by the members.” In April 2014, CBA members were notified by the CBA Executive Secretary of the CCD's approval (either via e-mail or USPS). The letter included a link to the CBA website where members could download a PDF version of the Constitution and By-Laws reviewed by the bishops.

Anderson then presented an overview of the voting process for the revised documents: 1) The meeting quorum had already been established. 2) The Constitution and By-Laws would be presented separately for a ballot vote. 3) A 2/3 majority approval was required for the Constitution  to pass. He further noted that within the documents there remained some slight inconsistencies and grammatical errors.

Gary A. Anderson proposed and Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S. seconded the following motion:  “Should the proposed Constitution and By-Laws be approved by the active members at this meeting, the President shall appoint an ad hoc committee (consisting of Gary Anderson, Barbara Reid, and Felix Just), who will be given the specific task of proofing the CBA Constitution and By-laws to correct any remaining grammatical, punctuation, and consistency errors in the documents (but making no substantive changes), and all final emendations will be posted on the CBA website.” The motion carried by a unanimous voice vote.

The floor was opened for discussion which centered on Article II, in particular the relationship of the CBA to the USCCB and the understanding of the term “magisterium”.  Another line of discussion focused on engaging the involvement of Associate members and attracting new Active members. Several members spoke in favor of the documents and expressed gratitude to those who worked on the revisions. Anderson then called for the vote.

Active members only received individual ballots for the proposed Constitution and proposed By-Laws. They were asked to respond to the motion “to approve and adopt the proposed revision of the CBA Constitution” and to the motion “to approve and adopt the proposed revision of the CBA By-Laws.” The ballots were collected by volunteer Dominican brother and counted by and confirmed by Violet Halton, Felix Just, S.J., and Lisa Tarker. Both motions were approved by a near unanimous vote. Anderson announced that the Constitution and By-Laws had been adopted.

On behalf of the Committee on Nominations, Pauline A. Viviano introduced a motion to nominate two additional members to the Nominations Committee, per the newly adopted By-Laws. By a unanimous voice vote, Gregory Tatum, O.P. and Mary Ann L. Beavis were voted on to the Committee on Nominations for the term 2014-2017.

At 5:00 P.M., John P. Meier moved, and Peter S. Williamson seconded, that the business meeting be adjourned. The motion carried unanimously in a voice vote and Anderson declared the meeting adjourned.

C. Clifton Black and Bonnie B. Thurston co-presided at an ecumenical celebration of Evening Prayer for the eve of the Memorial of St. Martha.

Monday evening concluded with a General Session presentation by Raymond F. Collins, “Remembering the Past, Moving into the Future: A Pastoral Reflection on a Pastoral Epistle (2 Timothy),” followed by a reception.

Sessions on Tuesday, July 31

Frank J. Matera was the principal celebrant and homilist for the 7:00 A.M. Eucharistic liturgy.

The task forces and continuing seminars met in the first part of the morning. In the final general session, John P. Meier, presented his paper, “Parables: The Big Lie of Jülicher, Dodd, and Jeremias”.

The following CBA members and invited guests were in attendance at the meeting:

Albl, Martin C.

Anderson, Gary A.

Arens, Eduardo F.

Arnold, Bill T.

Atkinson, Joseph C.

Attridge, Harold W., Jr.

Ayeni, Ayodele, C.S.Sp.

Barker, James W.

Bautch, Richard

Beavis, Mary Ann L.

Bellinger, William H.

Bergant, Dianne, C.S.A.

Binz, Stephen J.

Black, C. Clifton

Bobertz, Charles A.

Boisclair, Regina A.

Bonneau, Normand R., O.M.I.

Bosworth, David A.

Brady, Patrick J.

Brien, Mary T., P.B.V.M

Brodeur, Scott N., S.J.

Brown, Sherri L.

Callan, Terrance D.

Campbell, Joan C., C.S.M.

Carlson, Laura

Checkai, Ronald A., O.P.

Chen, Tongchun, O.P.

Chesnutt, Randall D.

Christoffersen, Hans

Ciampa, Roy E.

Ciccarino, Chrsi Michael

Clabeaux, John J.

Clifford, Richard J., S.J.

Coblentz Bautch, Kelley

Collins, Raymond F.

Connolly-Weinert, Francis D.

Cook, John Granger

Cook, Sister Joan, S.C.

Corley, Thomas J.

Cotter, Wendy, C.S.J.

Cronauer, Patrick T., O.S.B.

Daigle-Williamson, Marsha

Daise, Michael A.

Daly Horell, Barbara Jean

Dietlein, Damian L., O.S.B.

D'Angelo, Mary R.

Darko, Daniel K.

Dempsey, Carol J., O.P.

Dempsey, Deirdre

Dillon, Richard J.

DiMicco, Russell G.

Do, Toan

Dozeman, Thomas B.

Dubovsky, Peter, S.J.

Duggan, Michael W.

Dyer, Bryan R.

Eck, Joachim

Elliott, Neil

Ellis, Teresa Ann

Emery, Allan

Endres, John C., S.J.

Finlan, Stephen

Fitzgerald, John T.

Fitzpatrick, Paul E., S.M.

Frechette, Christopher G., S.J.

Frein, Brigid C.

Frizzell, Lawrence E.

Galvin, Garrett M., O.F.M.

Giambrone, Anthony, O.P.

Gilbert, Pierre J.

Gilchrist, John J.

Gillman, Florence M.

Gillman, John

Girard, Marc

Glazov, Gregory Y.

Gourgues, Michel, O.P.

Green, Bridgett

Guerrero, Corinna Y.

Haley, Kevin Joseph

Halton, Violet

Hamm, Dennis, S.J.

Han, Jin H.

Hanneken, Todd R.

Harkins, Angela Kim

Healy, Mary E.

Hoeck, Andreas

Hogan, Karina Martin

Hoppe, Leslie J., O.F.M.

Irvin, Dorothy

Jackson, John R.

Jancovic, Jozef

Jensen, Joseph E

Jensen, Joseph, O.S.B.

Judge, Peter J.

Just, Felix, S.J.

Kaltner, John

Keegan, Terence J., O.P.

Kennedy, Todd P.

Kinney, James R.

Kolarcik, Michael F., S.J.

Kruger, Brent A., C.S.C.

Kugler, Robert

Kuhn, Karl A.

Laffey, Alice L.

Lambey, Veronica Ruth, S.S.F.

LaMontagne, Nathan P.

Lanoue, Marc L.

Lapsley, Jacqueline

Latkovich, Sallie J.

Lenchak, Timothy A., S.V.D.

Leonard-Fleckman, Mahri S.

Levenson, Jon D.

Lillie, Betty Jane

Lyon, Margot

Macatangay, Francis M.

Madden, Patrick J.

Maloney, Elliott C., O.S.B.

Maloney, Linda M.

Mandolfo, Carleen R.

Marek, Libor

Mason, Eric F.

Matera, Frank J.

Matlock, Michael D.

Matson, Mark A.

Mazich, Edward, O.S.B.

McCormick, Larry D.

McCreesh, Thomas P., O.P. 

McDonald, Joseph L.

McGinn, Sheila E.

McKenzie, Steven L.

McLaughlin, John L.

Meier, John P.

Miles, Pamela H.

Miller, Geoffrey D.

Mindling, Joseph Allen

Moeser, Marion C.

Montague, George T.

Morales, O.P., Isaac Augustine

Moriarty, Robert K., S.M.

Morrison, Craig E., O. Carm.

Nasuti, Harry P.

Naveros Cordova, Nelida, C.D.P.

Newman, Judith H.

Ngan, Lai Ling E.

Nguyen, vanThanh

Niskanen, Paul

O'Connell, Séamus

Okorie, Ferdinand

Okoye, James Chukwuma, C.S.Sp.

Onyumbe Wenyi, Jacob

O’Toole, Robert F., S.J.

Owens, J. Edward, O.SS.T.

Padilla, Jose David, O.P.

Pare, Marc

Pascuzzi, Maria, C.S.J.

Patella, Michael F., O.S.B.

Penchansky, David

Pentiuc, Eugen J.

Petrany, Catherine E.

Pilarski, Ahida E.

Pitts, Mary Dominic, O.P.

Polan, Gregory J., O.S.B.

Polinski, Nathanael, O.S.B.

Portier-Young, Anathea E.

Prince, Deborah C.

Prinz, Julia D.E.

Racine, Jean-François

Ralph, Margaret N.

Reasoner, Mark

Reid, Barbara E., O.P.

Reid, Stephen Breck

Richards, Kent Harold

Riordan, Joseph, S.J.

Romero, C. Gilbert

Ruff, Jerry

Ruiz, Gilberto A.

Ryan, Stephen D., O.P.

Sabin, Marie N.

Salocks, Stephen E.

Salvador, Roberta L., M.M.

Schmisek, Brian

Schneck, Richard J., S.J.

Schuller, Eileen M., O.S.U.

Scott, Timothy M., C.S.B.

Segovia, Fernando F

Senior, Donald P., C.P.

Sigrist, Marcel, O.P.

Sloyan, Gerard S.

Smiles, Vincent M.

Smith, Daniel L.

Smith, David Whitten

Smith, Mark S.

Sova, Milan

Sperry, Mary Elizabeth

Spitaler, Peter

Stegman, Thomas D., S.J.

Stephens, Kevin, O.P.

Stroik, Casimir B.

Szukalski, John A., S.V.D.

Taggart, Linda S.

Tarker, Lisa A.

Tatum, Gregory T., O.P.

Taylor, Gregg

Thurston, Bonnie Bowman

Tomlinson, Richard B.

Trautman, Donald W.

Tyler, Ronald L.

Umoren, Gerald Emem

Ureña, Lourdes García

Venard, Olivier Thomas, O.P.

Viviano, Pauline A.  

Viviano, Benedict T., O.P.

Walsh, Jerome T.

White, M. Ellen, O.P.

Whitlock, Matthew G.

Wilkins, Lauress L.

Williamson, Peter S.

Willis, John Thomas

Winger, Michael

Witherup, Ronald D., P.S.S.

Zanchettin, Leo R.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Joseph C. Atkinson
CBA Executive Director

Lisa Tarker
Recording Secretary