Professional Conduct Committee


Dear CBA Member,

As you are well aware there has been an awakening to the issue of Professional and Ethical Conduct in the Academy throughout the world. You will also be aware the CBA has adopted a set of guidelines set out in the Conduct and Harassment Policy ( and a Professional Conduct Investigations Procedures ( to assist the Association in dealing with possibly cases that fall under these policies.

The Executive Committee has been tasked with creating an Ad Hoc Committee that will deal with these issues as they are brought to the attention of the Executive Board or Executive Committee of CBA. I am writing to ask if you would be willing to volunteer to be available for this committee work, hopefully this will be minimal work. Each member should be thoroughly aware of the policies and procedures should an investigation of a CBA member be required. This committee will include a Chair, two female members and two male members who are members in good standing with CBA. If you are interested in taking part in this committee, please contact the Executive Director, Archie T. Wright, at for further details.

Thank you for your commitment to the Association and its membership.

Best Regards,

Archie T. Wright
Executive Director,
The Catholic Biblical Association of America