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Help Grow the Association

For over 80 years, The Catholic Biblical Association of America has promoted, within a context of faith, scholarly study in Scripture and related fields through meetings of the association, publications, and support to those engaged in such studies. 

  • Do you have a friend, colleague, or graduate student who would benefit from belonging to CBA? 

    sponsor a new member

  • Are you a member who has completed a degree and now qualify for either Associate or Full membership status? 

upgrade your membership

Sponsor a New Member

Full members are encouraged to invite graduate students and colleagues to apply for membership.
To sponsor a new member,

  1. invite your student or colleague to follow the instructions on the "Join the Catholic Biblical Association" page (under the MEMBERSHIP in the navigation bar, see screenshot below). 
  2. Email the CBA Office (cba-office@cua.edu) with your name and the name of the applicant, indicating that you are the applicant's sponsor.

For 2021 consideration, applications must be received by July 3.

Time to Upgrade Your Membership?

Associate and Graduate Student members who have completed their doctorates may wish to apply for Full membership. Those upgrading an existing membership do not need to be further sponsored.

For 2021 consideration, applications must be received by July 3.