Announcement to the academic community of PBI


Announcement to the academic community of PBI

On March 4, 2024, following the ratification of the Holy See, the P. General Arturo Sosa SJ issued a decree enacting the new General Statutes of the Pontifical Gregorian University. The new statute was ratified and approved by the Dicastery for Culture and Education on February 11, 2024. Despite being formally approved, these Statutes will enter into force on May 19, 2024, Pentecost Day.

The Statutes include the erection of the Collegium Maximum, which represents the faculties and institutions currently operating at the Pontifical Gregorian University. The Collegium Maximum, the Pontifical Biblical Institute and the Pontifical Oriental Institute therefore make up the Pontifical Gregorian University.

The new Statutes are the fruit of a long process of legal study that will guarantee the identities and missions of the Oriental and the Biblical within the only legal entity of the Pontifical Gregorian University. At the heart of the Chirograph issued by Pope Francis on December 17, 2019 is the will to value the missions of these institutes.

The Pontifical Gregorian University will be governed by a single Rector, assisted by its Council consisting of the three Presidents who, sharing with the Rector the responsibility for the management of the entire University, oversee and promote the fulfillment of the missions of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Pontifical Oriental Institute and the Maximum College, the Administrative Director of the University and a sixth member appointed by the Vice Grand Chancellor. The members of this Board are:

Rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University : P. Mark Lewis SJ
Maximum Collegium President:. Joseph Di Luccio SJ
President of the Pontifical Biblical Institute : P. Peter Dubovski SJ
Presidente del Pontificio Istituto Orientale: P. Sunny Kokkaravalayil SJ
Administrative Director : P. David Nazar SJ
Member of the Board of Rector: Dr. Luigi Allena, Secretary General

The Decree of the Father General completes a fundamental stage in the integration process. While the ratified Statutes are enacted and will enter into force on May 19, 2024, the immediate effect of these changes will be minimal and will gradually be integrated into the activities of the University. In the meantime, the current Statutes will continue to regulate the activities.

I wish to thank the academic community for their patience, understanding and professionalism as we intend to continue our mission of service to His Majesty.

The Rector
Peter Dubovský, SJ

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