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Report of the Eighty-Fifth International Meeting of
The Catholic Biblical Association of America

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The eighty-fifth international meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association of America was held as a hybrid meeting, July 22-25, 2023 at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and via Zoom. The meeting began on Saturday, July 22, with a welcome from CBA President, Stephen Breck Reid, a video welcome from the university’s President, Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J., and an in-person welcome from Creighton Provost Mardell Wilson. The opening general session was a panel discussion entitled “The Bible and Social Justice in Action: Omaha Case Studies” moderated by Sherri Brown and featuring Jerry Fischer (Kountze Commons, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church), Gina Tomes (Maternity Home Consulting and Vita Nova Maternity Community), Deacon Teresa Hauser (Magdalene Omaha), Julie Kalkowski (Financial Hope Collaborative), Taylor Bickel (Urban Abbey), and Linda Twomey (Siena Francis House). The panel discussion was followed by a social.

Sessions on Sunday, July 23rd

Two task forces and seven continuing seminars met simultaneously each day from 8:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. The task forces were: “The New Feminist Biblical Criticism” (renamed from the task force established in 1989; co-conveners Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., Sarah E. Kohles, O.S.F., Eloise M. Rosenblatt, R.S.M., and presentations by Linda M. Maloney, Eloise M. Rosenblatt, R.S.M., Susanne Scholz, plus a round table conversation, “Strategies for the Future: Challenging the Hegemony of Androcentric Biblical Scholarship”) and “Addressing Representations of Jews and Judaism in Catholic Exegesis, Homiletics, and Catechesis” (established in 2019; co-conveners: Christopher Seeman and Ximena DeBroeck; which focused on the review of Fact Sheets: “The Jerusalem Temple, ” “Messianic Expectation,” “Ritual Purity,” “Dietary Laws,” and “Marginalized and Outcast”).

The continuing seminars and their respective leaders / presenters studied: “Divinity in Ancient Israel” (established 1998; co-conveners: Mahri Leonard-Fleckman, Andrew R. Davis, and Garrett Galvin, O.F.M.; presenters: Peter Dubovský, Charles Hughes-Huff, Anathea Portier-Young; respondents: Steven McKenzie, Heath Dewrell, and Corrine L. Carvalho); “Hebrew Poetry: The Poetry of Ezekiel (Chapters 7, 15, and 17) ” (established 1999; co-conveners: Joseph E. Jensen and Pauline A. Viviano; presenters: Steven Bishop, Harry Hagan, O.S.B., Sophia A. Magallanes-Tsang, Donald R. Vance); “The Deuterocanonical Books: Paideia in the Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature” (established 2010; co-conveners: Francis Macatangay and Kelley Coblentz Bautch; presenters: Jeremy Corley, Andrew T. Glicksman, Patrick Pouchelle, Jordan Schmidt, O.P., Vincent Skemp.); “The Gospel and Letters of John: Mary Coloe’s John in the Wisdom Commentary Series” (established 2019; co-conveners: Peter Judge and Mark A. Matson); “Paul’s Letters” (established 2021; convener: Timothy Milinovich; presenters: Paul D. Wheatley and Felipe de J. Legarreta); “The Earliest Christian Writings: Texts and Traditions from the First and Second Century” (established 2022; co-conveners: Timothy B. Sailors and John W. Martens; presenters: Susan L. Graham, James A. Kelhoffer, Erin Galgay Walsh) and “Isaiah and the Twelve: Theophanies” (established 2022; co-conveners: Joachim Eck and Richard J. Bautch; presenters: Renata Furst, Kirsten Schäfers, Archibald H.L.M. van Wieringen, Burkard M. Zapff.

The morning concluded with papers presented in simultaneous sessions: Elaine T. James, “The Psalms and The Speaking World: Poetry, Animacy, and Enchantment” and Mary L. Coloe, P.B.V.M., “The Creation Theme in John: Prologue and Passion.”

Four sessions of research reports during the afternoon heard the following presentations: 
Leonardo Pessoa da Silva Pinto, “Hannah and Samuel before the Lord? Expressions Denoting the Presence of God in MT and LXX of 1 Samuel 1-2”, Kevin M. Scott, “Scribal Prophecy and Yahweh’s Locust Army in Joel 2:1-11”, Bryan Dyer, “The Significance of 3 Maccabees 1:1-5 for the Book’s Narrative and Theology”, Brian Yong Lee, “Eschatology, Covenant Renewal, and Paul’s Use of Philosophy in 1 Corinthians”, Olegs Andrejevs, “Minor Agreements 1992-2022”, Steven L. McKenzie, “The Racism of Creationism: Henry M. Morris and the ‘Curse of Ham’ in Genesis 9”, Craig E. Morrison, O. Carm., “The Biblia Hebraica Quinta: Its Innovations and Challenges”, Andrew R. Davis, “What Emily Dickinson Teaches Us About the Psalms”, Joël André Minsi Endomo, “Drunkenness of a Major Parental Figure and Filial Determinations: Exegetical Study of Gn 9,18-29”, Vincent Skemp, “Charting the Afterlife of the Acts of Paul and Thecla”, John Granger Cook, “Paul and the Heavenly Bodies”, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, “The Reception of 1 Maccabees in African Contexts”, Klaus-Peter Adam, “‘My enemies trample on me all day long…’ Ps 56:2 (ET 56:1): Enemy Nomenclature in the Psalms of the Individual”, Hryhoriy Lozinskyy, “Levitical Cities: Reality, Utopia, Dispute?”, Sharon M. Gutkowski, “Being and Becoming Dokimoi: An Analysis of 1 Corinthians 11:17-34”, Katja Hess, “Discipleship as Friendship in the Gospel of John”, Leslie Baynes, “C.S. Lewis v. George Tyrrell in 'Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism'“, Nathan R. Mastnjak, “A Material Approach to Israel’s Prophetic Library”, James Chukwuma Okoye, “Is Gen 12:1-4a Exilic?”, Melanie Peetz, “Capturing Places of Longing: Emotion and Space in the Bible”, Angela Zautcke, “Vivid Description in Luke 5:1-11: A Narratological and Rhetorical Study”, and Mark J. Goodwin, “Romans 6:1-11 and Baptism as a Sacrament of Faith.”

The Most Reverend George J. Lucas, Archbishop Omaha, was presider and homilist at the eucharistic liturgy which was followed by an outdoor barbeque.

The evening general session began with Vice-President, Sheila E. McGinn leading a remembrance of members who passed since the 2022 CBA annual general meeting: Teresa R. Brown, Damien L. Dietlein, O.S.B., Michael Mathias Horman, Burton MacDonald, John P. Meier, Donald Senior, C.P., David Whitten Smith, Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., and Benedict T. Viviano, O.P. The CBA President’s Address, “‘We are the wicked!’: North American Readers and Voices Psalms 1 and 37” was delivered by Stephen Breck Reid. The evening concluded with a social.

Sessions on Monday, July 24th

The morning celebration of eucharist was presided over by Reverend Craig E. Morrison, O.Carm. 

The task forces and continuing seminars resumed their work during the first part of the morning. Two simultaneous sessions then heard presentations by Nuria Calduch-Benages, “The Impact of Deuteronomy on Ben Sira’s Teaching” and Timothy M. Milinovich, “In Paul We Trust, But Why? The Politics of Interpreting the Apostle after the Reformation.”
After lunch, two sessions of research reports included Toochukwu S. Agha, C.S.Sp., “Lamentations on False Prophecy and the Catastrophe of 587/6”, Gabriel F. Hornung, “Esther’s Intertextual Theology of Divine Absence”, Abigail Bodeau, “A Response to Feminist Readings of Jael”, Mark Reasoner, “Doxological Contrition in Romans”, Mark S. Smith, “Marie-Joseph Lagrange and Édouard (Paul) Dhorme at the École Biblique”, Noelle Johnson, “Revisiting Sukkot and the Days of Millu'im”, Matthew S. Monnig, SJ, “The Bread of Life Controversy and the Parting of the Ways”, Nelida Naveros-Cordova, C.D.P., “Called to a Higher Ethic of 'Care for Creation' in Light of Paul”, and Gregory Tatum, O.P., “What Does Paul Mean When He Speaks of Gentile Observance of the Torah?”.

Business Meeting

CBA President, Stephen Breck Reid, called the Business Meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. CDT, noting 1) that the Business Meeting documents had been posted to the CBA website; 2) virtual participants may ask questions through chat; 3) Online voting is official; and 4) that 171 registered Full Members received an email ballot from SurveyMonkey. Most of the items being voted on will require only a simple majority (86), but the amendments require a 2/3 majority (114) to pass.

Archie Wright, gave the report of the Executive Director, beginning with thanks to the Committee on the Program of the Annual General Meeting, to the Tech Team, and all those who contributed to the success of this year's meeting. An ad hoc strategic planning is being formed to construct a five-year plan for the association. Membership numbers had a small uptick in 2023, but growth remains a concern as the membership is aging and measures need to be taken to engage a broader demographic, including more women, young scholars, and ethnic diversity. Wright noted that the four recipients of the CBA’s Verbum Emerging Scholars Fellowship have presented their papers during this annual meeting. In April over sixty people registered for CBA’s first virtual conference for emerging scholars. CBA also has launched a series of virtual Unbound Book Reviews as a way of gaining exposure for members’ work. Other programs being developed for the Spring of 2024 are “Women in Biblical Studies and the Mid-Atlantic regional at Virginia Theological Seminary with Anathea Portier-Young as keynote. 

With no questions or comments forthcoming for the Executive Director, Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S., was recognized to report on CBA Finances and Investments. Witherup noted that the financial reports made available to the members are confidential. He reported that the budget process has been refined and that CBA always operates with a balanced budget. The Executive Director controls expenses as much as possible. Not all the income gained from investments is used in the year, allowing that income to be used to expand investments and grow CBA’s portfolio. The Executive Director and Chair of the Committee on Finance and Investments (CFI) are in regular contact with the investment portfolio manager. CBA maintains a balanced diversified portfolio and while there was a significant portfolio value downturn in 2021 and 2022, the past year has been very good. Witherup pointed out that considering the market pressures, the CBA portfolio is doing well. He reported that the CFI reviewed honoraria for various positions in the association and based on the committee’s recommendations the Executive Board approved a 20% increase. Staff wages also were reviewed and the Executive Board approved increases based upon the CFI’s recommendation. The Executive Board also is reviewing, with an eye toward reinstating or even expanding, some of the grant programs that were suspended when the NAB royalties ceased. Witherup concluded by noting he is concluding his third term as Chair of the CFI and expressing his thanks to the Executive Director, the members of the CFI, and to the Executive Board. Reid opened the floor for questions or comments. There being none, he called for a vote to accept the CBA financial report provided by the CFI. In a voice vote, the report was accepted with no objections or abstentions.

As Chair of the Committee on Membership, Archie Wright, was recognized to present this year’s candidates for membership. He thanked committee members, Ronald Herms and Laura M. Manzo. The following candidates were accepted as members in the association with all of the rights and privileges therein.

For Full membership:
John Ahn Jaroslav Bohacik, Christopher S. Brannan, O.P., Esther M. Brownsmith, Reed Carlson, Julian C. Chike, Cathleen K. Chopra-McGowan, Rónán Bernard Connolly, O.P., Richard Francis Dsouza, O.C.D., Ariel Feldman, Mary Micaela Hoffmann, R.S.M., Sweety Iqbal, Gary P. Klump, Samuel Klumpenhouwer, Tomasz Koszarek, Marcin Kowalski, Aleksander Krogevoll, James Kulvi, S.J., Matthew C. Lambert, O.S.B., Domenico Lo Sardo, O.F.M. Cap., Brian J. Meldrum, Julie N. Newberry, George Macharia Njeri, S.J., Jean Roméo Ntsama, Nicole Imelda O’Riordan, Jeremy L. Painter, Daniel D. Pioske, Joshua R. Scott, Kevin M. Scott, Love Lazarus Sechrest, Cynthia M. Shafer-Elliott, Frank E. Shaw, Joshua P. Smith, Kris Sonek, O.P
(Vote: 118 approve; 0 do not approve; 1 abstain)

For Associate membership:
Tyler Anne Brown-Cross, Matthijs Kronemeijer, Maureen A. Pasteris, Brandy N. Scritchfield
(Vote: 116 approve; 2 do not approve; 1 abstain)

For Graduate Student membership:
Jude Anyanwu, C.M.F., Wasihun M. Bejitual ,Josiah S. Bisbee, Ian M. Bremar, O.F.M. Conv., Taylor S. Brown, John Michael Carbone, Yudai Chiba, Richard P. Chirlin, Reuben Elisha Duniya, Ryan M. Francis, Andrew M Garbarino, Jonathan C. Gerstmyer, Vance C. Halfaker, Caleb J. Harris, Augustin Kassa, S.M.A., Matthew J. Korpman, Rick M. Kress, Andrew X. Li, Mark Andrew Kroncke, O.S.F., Adulin Prophete, Joscha H. Quade, Mónica I. Rey, Peter Michael Vale, David M. Walker, Brad S. Whittle, Megan Wines
(Vote: 117 approve; 0 do not approve; 2 abstain)

The Chair of the Committee on Nominations, Maria Pascuzzi, C.S.J. who was participating virtually was called upon to present the candidates for the Executive Board and Standing Committees. The following were voted in via the SurveyMonkey ballot:

For President term 2023-24, Sheila E. McGinn (Vote: 109 approve; 2 do not approve; 7 abstain); Vice-President term 2023-24, Carol J. Dempsey, O.P. (Vote: 96 approve; 11 do not approve; 11 abstain); for Consultor of the Executive Board term 2023-25, Andrew R. Davis and Anathea E. Portier-Young (Vote: 114 approve; 1 do not approve; 3 abstain); for Committee on Nominations term 2023-26, Susanne Scholz and Martin C. Albl (Vote: 106 approve; 7 do not approve; 5 abstain); for Committee on Finance and Investments term 2023-26, Ferdinand I. Okorie, C.M.F. second term, plus Eloise M. Rosenblatt, R.S.M. and Craig E. Morrison, O. Carm. (Vote: 114 approve; 3 do not approve; 1 abstain); for Committee on the Program for the Annual General Meeting term 2023-26, Najeeb Haddad and Charles Hughes-Huff (Vote: 110 approve; 3 do not approve; 5 abstain); for the Committee on Research Support term 2023-26, Kelley Coblentz Bautch and vănThanh Nguyễn, S.V.D. (Vote: 112 approve; 1 do not approve; 5 abstain); on Technology and Outreach term 2023-25, Chrstopher J. Seeman and José Enrique Aguilar (Vote: 114 approve; 2 do not approve; 2 abstain).

Corrine L. Carvalho presented the CBQ General Editor report. The article queue remains very healthy, but 7 to 8 articles per issue are being published rather than the previous 6 per issue to help move the queue along and address the concern of pre-tenure authors. However, submissions from women in this previous year has dropped, leaving only two articles from women for four issues. The editorial board is very keen on expanding the kinds of methods that are represented in the journal, keeping CBQ up to date with the best biblical scholarship across the board. Carvalho requested that when members hear a paper, especially from an underrepresented methodology and/or underrepresented identities, to encourage the presenter to submit it as an article for CBQ. After thanking Ahida Calderón Pilarski and Andrew R. Davis for their two terms as associate editors, Carvalho presented the following candidates for CBQ associate editors term 2024-27, Bill T. Arnold; John Gillman, second term; Woo Min Lee; David M. Moffitt, second term; Andrea Spatafora, second term; and Molly M. Zahn, second term. The candidates were approved in a vote: 116 approve; 0 do not approve; 2 abstain.

Carvalho was asked what the timeline is for submissions. She indicated that it depends on the topic. There are a surplus of articles on the synoptic gospels and prophets. For an article on the synoptics, it can take nine months for review and another nine months for publication.

Richard J. Bautch was recognized by the meeting Chair to present the report on CBQMS and CBQI. He began with news that CBQMS and CBQI has ended the publicity/distribution agreement with the Catholic University of America Press and after a period of research CBA has entered into a new partnership with Wipf & Stock (WS) Publishers. With the new agreement, WS will be actively marketing and distributing CBQMS and CBQI nationally and throughout the world. The books will be available as eBooks or in printed form. CBA remains publisher and retains complete editorial control. The relationship with HK Scriptorium as typesetter and proofreaders continues. The latest edition, CBQI-4: God in Paul’s Letters edited by Timothy Milinovich, Normand Bonneau, and Robert F. O’Toole is available for sale though the WS online catalog along with the last seven books published by CBA. CBQMS-58 In Search of the Ideal Supplicant: The Portrait of David in Psalms 138-145 by Erick Gichomo Mwangi will be coming out later in the year. After Bautch thanked Peter Dubovský, S.J. for his two terms as associated editor, Sheila E. McGinn moved and Michael Patella, O.S.B. seconded that the report of the General Editor of CBQMS and CBQI be accepted including the following proposed as associate editors for the term 2024-27: Francis M. Macatangay, Anathea E. Portier-Young, Deborah C. Prince, and Timothy J. Sandoval. The report was accepted in a voice vote and the candidates approved in the SurveyMonkey vote (114 approve; 1 do not approve; 3 abstain).

Joseph E. Jensen presented the OTA report on behalf of its General Editor, Christopher T. Begg. The February and June 2023 issues (46.1 and 46.2) have been delivered. Combined, they contain a total of 1,631 articles and 188 book abstracts. The October issue (46.3) is at the typesetters. Material for the February 2024 (47.1) issue is in hand. OTA is continuing to expand its coverage of online journals. Corrine L. Carvalho moved, and Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S. seconded that the report of the OTA General Editor be accepted. The motion carried in a voice vote.

The General Editor of the Biblical Studies from the CBA series, Sheila E. McGinn, was recognized to present her report. She noted that the series was inaugurated as a joint venture between Paulist Press and CBA in 2015 as an outlet for biblical scholarship directed to an educated audience of non-specialists. She credited her predecessor, Frank Matera for shepherding the series through the eight volumes published. There are four titles expected to be published by the end of 2024 and an additional five volumes slated for 2024-2026 publication. She concluded by indicating that the editorial board welcomes submissions and suggestions for new authors. Ahida Calderón Pilarski moved, and Mary Kate Birge, S.J.J. seconded, that the report be accepted. In a voice vote, the motion was approved.

Anathea E. Portier-Young, chair of the Committee for Research Support, gave her report. She noted that she will be rotating off after this meeting, having completed her second term on the committee. She reported that through the Grants from the CBA, initiated in 2020 once the CCD grant program concluded, $196,112 has awarded to twenty-threee CBA members. This past year, seventeen applications were submitted and ten are being funded. In 2019, travel grants were established, specifically targeted at early career scholars to help fund their participation in the annual general meeting. This year only two applied, even though there were funds for five. The committee has asked the Executive Board to consider expanding the amount of the grants and to include members in other stages of their careers who need financial assistance to attend the CBA annual general meeting. Portier-Young noted that the Visiting Professorships at the PBI and École biblique recently have been reinstated. Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S. just concluded his semester at PBI as the first visiting professor since the program was reinstated. Harry P. Nasuti will be at the PBI in the Spring 2024. David A. DeSilva will be the first visiting professor for École biblique (2023-24) since that program was reestablished. The deadline for 2024-25 École biblique visiting professorship is November 15, 2023. Christopher Seeman moved, and Joseph E. Jensen seconded, that the report of the Committee on Research Support be accepted. The motion was approved in a voice vote.

New Business
Reid noted that the Executive Board voted unanimously to approve the four proposed amendments to the CBA Constitution and By-Laws that were officially presented to the membership via email in March in accordance with article IX of the CBA Constitution. He reported that the amendments require a two-thirds majority, or 114 votes in favor to be adopted. For each amendment, PowerPoint slides presented the rationale and motion as had been presented in the March email and on the CBA website. None of the motions achieved the 114 vote threshold, so none of the proposed amendments were adopted.

1) That “Graduate Student” be added to Article III Section 1 of the Constitution to read “The membership in this Association shall consist of Full Members, Associate Members, Graduate Student Members, and Sustaining Members….” and in so doing, amend the By-Laws:

  • current 2.1.3., 2.1.4., and 2.1.5 be renamed so that the following may be added
    “2.1.3 Candidates for Graduate Student Membership shall be engaged in post-baccalaureate studies in biblical or allied fields.’
  •  “Graduate Student” added to current 2.1.3 (renamed 2.1.4.) and 3.2 to read respectively
    “Candidates for either Full Membership, or Associate, or Graduate Student Membership must be,,,” and  “Attendance at annual general meetings of the Association shall be open to Full, Associate, and Graduate Student Members and to those persons…”.
    (Vote: 113 approve; 1 do not approve; 4 abstain)

2) That the Constitution and By-Laws be amended to include the General Editor and Editorial Board of the Biblical Studies Series from the CBA (BSSCBA) in the following manner:

  • the addition of “the General Editor of the Biblical Studies Series from the CBA (BSSCBA)”  to Article IV Section 2 to read “Between annual general meetings the Association shall be governed by an Executive Board consisting of the Chair, the President, the immediate Past President, the Vice-President, the Executive Director (ex officio, non-voting), the General Editor of The Catholic Biblical Quarterly (CBQ), the General Editor of Old Testament Abstracts (OTA), the General Editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly Monograph Series (CBQMS) and Catholic Biblical Quarterly Imprints (CBQI), the General Editor of the Biblical Studies Series from the CBA (BSSCBA),  the Chair of the Committee on Finance and Investment, and four Consultors who serve as non-officer members.
  • the addition of the following to Constitution Article V 
    Section 8: The duties of the General Editor of the Biblical Studies Series of CBA shall be:
    To serve as Chair of the BSSCBA Editorial Board; 
    To accept, after due consultation with members of the Editorial Board, manuscripts for the BSSCBA and to prepare them for publication.
  • the current Constitution Article VI, Section 3 be renamed Section 4, so that the following may be added
    Section 3. Members of the BSSCBA Editorial Board shall be duly elected as specified in the By-laws and serve under the direction of the General Editor of BSSCBA; their function shall be to assist the General Editor in planning and developing the series.
  • the current sections By-Laws 3.5.8. and 3.5.9. be renamed so that the following be added: 3.5.8. At each annual general meeting at least two Associate Editors of the BSSCBA, upon recommendation by the Editorial Board, shall be elected by the majority vote of the Full Members for a term of four years. Associate Editors may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
    (Vote: 111 approve; 1 do not approve; 6 abstain)

3) That the Constitution and By-Laws be amended to include the Committee on Membership and CBA Development in the following manner:

  • current Constitution Article VIII, Section be renamed to add the following:
    “There shall be a Committee on Membership Recruitment and CBA Development consisting of four members duly selected as determined by the By-laws. This committee shall explore and develop possible ways to grow the membership of CBA and how the CBA can best serve its members and the Church.”
  • current By-Laws 4.4.9. be renamed to include the following:
    “Committee on Membership and CBA Development
    The Membership and CBA Development shall consist of four members, including the member proposed as Chair, who are elected by majority vote of the Full Members present and voting at the Business Session of the annual general meeting. The term for such appointments is for three years and members may normally be re-elected for two extra terms.”
    (Vote: 112 approve; 2 do not approve; 4 abstain)

4) That the Constitution and By-Laws be amended to include the Committee on CBA Regional Meetings in the following manner:

  • current Constitution Article VIII, Section 9 be renamed to add the following:
    “There shall be a Committee on CBA Regional Meetings consisting of the Executive Director (ex officio) and six members duly selected as determined by the By-laws. This committee shall be responsible for planning and administering the Regional Meetings of the Association and other programmatic activities, other than the annual general meeting, in support of its mission."
  • By-Law 4.4.10 added:
    “Committee on CBA Regional Meetings
    The CBA Regional Meetings shall consist of the Executive Director (ex officio) and six other members, including the member proposed as Chair, who are elected by majority vote of the Full Members present and voting at the Business Session of the annual general meeting. The term for such appointments is for three years and members may normally be re-elected for two extra terms.”
    (Vote: 107 approve; 6 do not approve; 5 abstain)

As a member of the Committee on Resolutions, Ahida Calderón Pilarski presented the following resolution: Whereas Creighton University, Archie Wright, our colleagues on the Program Committee, and the technical team that enabled and tended our Zoom time have done an admirable job of organizing, and shepherding this second hybrid annual general meeting, be it resolved that The Catholic Biblical Association of America offers them its heartfelt thanks. In a round of applause, the members indicated their approval of the resolution.

Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.SS.SS.S. was recognized to recall the twenty-fifth anniversary of the passing of Raymond E. Brown, S.S. who died suddenly in California on Saturday, August 8, 1978 while CBA was meeting in Scranton. Witherup noted that Brown was an important member of the association, who had a tremendous impact on biblical studies, not only in the United States, but abroad. Witherup thanked the CBA President and the members for their forbearance in permitting him to acknowledge this anniversary of such a significant figure.

With no further business to discuss, Reid called for a motion to adjourn. Corrine E. Carvalho moved, and Sheila E. McGinn seconded, that the Business Meeting be adjourned. In a voice vote the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m. CDT

Before dinner, the members gathered at St. John’s Parish for a prayer service in which Anne M. O'Leary, P.B.V.M. presided and Eloise M. Rosenblatt, R.S.M. preached. The evening concluded with a panel discussion, “Biblical Studies from the CBA: Bridging the Gap between the Academy and the Pews,” facilitated by Archie Wright with contributions from José Enrique Aguilar, Frank J. Matera, Ronald D. Witherup, P.S.S., Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B., Sherri Brown, Bradley C. Gregory, and Sheila E. McGinn.

Sessions on Tuesday, July 25th

Matthew S. Monnig, S.J.was the principal celebrant and homilist for the morning Eucharistic liturgy.
The task forces and continuing seminars met in the first part of the morning. The meeting concluded with a general session address by Jaime L. Waters, “Motherhood in Jeremiah.”

The following CBA members and invited guests attended the meeting either in-person or virtually:

Acemoglu, Thomas J.O.
Adam, Klaus-Peter
Agha, Toochukwu S., C.S.Sp
Albl, Martin
Andrejevs, Olegs
Angelis, Paul
Atkinson, Joseph C.
Attridge, Harold W., Jr.
Barber, Michael
Barga, Maria
Bautch, Richard J.
Baynes, Leslie A.
Begg, Christopher T.
Binz, Stephen
Birge, Mary Kate, S.S.J.
Bishop, Steven
Bodeau, Abigail L.
Bolin, Thomas
Bonneau, Normand, O.M.I.
Boxall, Ian
Brien, Mary T., P.B.V.M.
Brink, Laurie A., O.P.
Brodeur, Scott Normand, S.J.
Brown, Katherine
Brown, Sherri
Brown-Cross, Tyler Anne
Calduch-Benages, Nuria
Callender, Dexter E, Jr.
Carbone, John Michael
Carlson, Reed
Carvalho, Corrine
Cavicchia, Alessandro, O.F.M.
Chen, Yongli
Chrirlin, Richard P.
Clifford, Richard
Coblentz Bautch, Kelley
Coloe, Mary, P.B.V.M.
Connolly-Weinert, Francis D.
Cook, Joan E., S.C.
Cook, John Granger
Coray, Joseph Andrew
Corley, T. J. Jeremy
Cousins, Francis
D'Angelo, Mary R.
Davis, Andrew R.
De Andrado, Paba Nidhani
Dempsey, Carol J., O.P.
Dewrell, Heath D.
Di Vito, Robert A.
Dubovský, Peter, S.J.
Duggan, Michael
Dyer, Bryan
Eck, Joachim
Eisenberg, Roberta
Ekeh, Amy C.
Elliott, Susan (Elli)
Enemali, Mark Ojonugwa, C.S.Sp.
Esposito, Thomas, O.Cist.
Exum, J. Cheryl
Fisher, Roy
Frein, Brigid
Friedrichsen, Timothy A.
Fumbelo, Cliff Kayombo
Furst, Renata C.
Gadenz, Pablo T.
Galvin,, Garrett M., O.F.M.
Garbarino, Andrew M.
Garber, Zev
Garroway, Kristine S
Glicksman, Andrew
Goodwin, Mark J.
Graham, Susan L.
Gutkowski, Sharon Marie
Hagan, Harry, O.S.B.
Halfaker, Vance C
Hamilton, Mark W.
Harkins, Angela
Harrington, Linda
Heasley, Peter
Hera, Marianus P., S.V.D.
Herms, Ronald
Hess, Katja
Higginbotham, Samuel Brice
Hoeck, Andreas, S.S.D.
Hoffmann, Mary Micaela, R.S.M.
Hogan, Karina Martin
Hornung, Gabriel F.
Hughes-Huff, Charles
Jackson, John R.
James, Elaine T.
Jensen, Joseph
Johnson, Noelle G.
Judge, Peter
Just, Felix, S.J.
Kaltner, John
Kelhoffer, James A.
Kiley, Mark
Kim, Hyun Chul Paul
Klump, Gary
Kohles, Sarah E., O.S.F.
Lafferty, Terry, O.S.B.
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Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Tarker
Recording Secretary