2022 Emerging Scholars Fellows


CBA is pleased to announce the 2022 Emerging Scholars Fellows: 

  • Tyng-Guang "Brian" Chu (Duke Divinity School)  

  • Chimbuoyim Geraldine Uzodimma, H.F.S.N.(Boston College School of Theology and Ministry)

During the 2022 Annual General Meeting, Brian Chu will present his paper, "Eden in the Diaspora: Genesis 2-3 in the Book of Tobit" and Chimbuoyim Geraldine Uzodimma will present her paper, "The Reign of Sin and Death: Reading Paul’s Personification of Sin and Death in Romans 5:12-21 as Metaphors of Roman Imperial Domination". 

The CBA is indebted to the Evaluators for their work: Archie T. Wright (Chair), Jeremy Corley, Meghan Henning, Kevin McCruden, Michael Patella, O.S.B., Vincent Skemp, and Pauline Viviano.