2021 Grants from the CBA Awarded


In the summer of 2021, the the Executive Board approved $65,750 in funding for the following six CBA Committee on Research Support recommended to  the following six projects to receive Grants from the CBA program:

  • $25,000 to Anthea Portier-Young, Duke Divinity School, for research leading to the publication of “Prophecy in the Body: Experience, Affect, Action, Interaction”

  • $10,000 to Sandra Schneiders, I.H.M., Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University Emerita, for completing work necessary to publish “Risen Jesus, Cosmic Christ: The Resurrection of Jesus as Foundation of Contemporary Spirituality and Ministry”

  • $15,000 to Angela Kim Harkins, Boston College School of Theology & Ministry. for research leading to the publication of “Reading Ancient Apocalypses with New Eyes”

  • $4,250 to Malka Zeiger Simkovich, Catholic Theological Union, towards the publication of “Open your Heart to his Law: Charting the Judean-Diasporan Relationship in Antiquity”

  • $6,500 to Kevin B. McCrudenGonzaga University, toward the publication of “Hebrews: The Priestly Christology of Jesus and His Humanity”

  • $5,000 to Jaime L. Waters, DePaul University, for work toward the publication of  “Ancient and Modern Perspectives on the Book of Jeremiah.”

CBA is grateful to the Commttee members for their deliberation: Joachim Eck, Maria Pasuzzi,  Jean-François Racine  Gregory E. Sterling (chairperson), and Pauline Viviano.

In addition, the CBA Executive Committee granted $3,000 to Ahida Calderón PilarskiSaint Anselm College, on behalf of the Second Congress in Biblical Studies in Latin America, entitled “Fraternidad y Sororidad desde la Biblia: Aproximaciones Textuales, Contextuales e Intertextuales desde la Hermenéutica Bíblica Latinoamericana” (“Fraternity and Sorority in the Bible: Textual, Contextual, and Intertextual Approaches from Latin American Biblical Hermeneutics”).

Application deadline for the 2022 Grants from the CBA is July 31, 2022