Meeting Protocol

All participants are expected to behave in accordance with norms for participation in academic conferences, and in particular are asked to note the following:

  1. Participants are expected to identify themselves by their real names. 

  2. Participants should not record presentations in audio or video. 

  3. Participants are expected to attend as many sessions as possible. 

  4. Participants are encouraged to use the Zoom features to communicate, but inappropriate comments or behavior will lead to immediate removal from the conference.

  5. Meeting links are posted in the Virtual Meeting Program and the same link is used by presenters and participants. Presenters should sign on to Zoom at least 10 minutes prior to their session to test your audio and visual connections.
  6. Update the Zoom application prior to the event (current version is 5.7.1). To learn how to update, see:

  7. If you are inexperienced with Zoom, additional information about the features is available here:

  8. The Major Presentations of the four-day event will be recorded and posted to the CBA website. By agreeing to appear in the Zoom window with audio and/or visual contributions, you grant permission to the CBA to broadcast your likeness to social media outlets.