September 30th: Memorial of St. Jerome

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St. Jerome by Jusepe de Ribera

Wishing you a blessed feast day of Saint Jerome,
our patron saint!

Saint Jerome is a Doctor of the Church and the Patron Saint of Scholars and, in particular, of The Catholic Biblical Association of America. He was born in 331 AD in what is now known as Croatia and eventually lived the last 30 years of his life in a cave in Bethlehem, dying in 420.

Arguably, his most famous line is "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ" which occurred in his commentary on Isaiah.

His learning was a way of purification for him. He is most famous for his translation of the Scriptures in Latin (the Vulgate).

May the Lord richly bless all our endeavors and keep us faithful.
May our work help in the building up of His kingdom.


Cover photo: Saint Jerome Visited by Angels by Bartolomeo Cavarozzi (1617), Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Palazzo Pitti.