OTA General Editor

Recent Job Openings,

Old Testament Abstracts [OTA] provides short, informative, non-evaluative summaries of books, essays, and periodical articles published anywhere in the world, written in all major languages, whose subject is related to the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, to the Hebrew Scriptures of Judaism, or to the ancient Near East, its geography, history, peoples, cultures, and languages up to the turn of the common era. Approximately 900–1000 abstracts appear in each tertiannual issue of this publication sponsored by The Catholic Biblical Association of America. The OTA General Editor’s duties include overseeing the process of identifying pertinent publications, composing and editing abstracts, organizing and cross referencing the entries for a given issue, creating the digital copy to send to the publisher, reviewing page proofs, and signing off on the final copy for publication. The General Editor is assisted in this process by a part-time Assistant General Editor as well as one or more editorial assistants and abstractors.

The ideal General Editor candidate should be familiar with the broad field of studies surveyed by OTA, including pertinent languages; with basic computer applications such as word processing and spreadsheets; bibliographic search engines; as well as with customary publication processes. Prior editorial and supervisory experience is desirable. Applicants must be full members of the CBA with voting status.

This stipended 10–15 hr/week position starts as soon as possible, with details to be negotiated at the time of appointment. Appointment is for an initial 4-year term, renewable by the action of the Catholic Biblical Association.

Send applications to CBA President, Sheila E. McGinn (smcginn@jcu.edu).
Review of applications will begin July 15 and continue until the position is filled.