Online Lenten Class: The Historical Jesus

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The Cosmic Christ

In the beginning is the Question, because for any other beginning, why is always possible and inevitable. For this series of five image-based classes, that question is not the theological, but the evolutionary challenge of Jesus. The series brackets theism versus atheism or monotheism versus polytheism to insist that the challenge of Jesus, the Mediterranean Jewish peasant, is to the evolutionary future of humanity with the world as Titanic and we its iceberg.

 Watch the pre-recorded video lecture and join Dr. John Dominic CrossanDr. Tripp Fuller, and a special guest for the livestream question and answer session each week!

 - DONATION-BASED - Support the class with a donation as little as $0. 

- ASYNCHRONOUS 100% ONLINE - You can participate fully without being present at any specific time.

- FOUR LECTURES - Each pre-recorded video lecture will feature Dr. Crossan and powerful visual teaching from his many archeological visits across the Holy Land.

- FIVE LIVESTREAM QnAs - Each livestream session will feature a QnA with Dr. Crossan, Dr. Tripp Fuller, and a special guest (see below). If you miss the livestream, you can always watch the replay.

- PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY - Engage with other course participants in a private, online community where you'll be able to share your reflections, insights, and questions. 

- CHURCH GROUPS - You are welcome to use this class for your Sunday School class or small group! More details available in the FAQs

This program is presented by Homebrewed Christianity and Westar Institute.