Membership Dues


Invoices for 2024 membership dues were sent via email on October 20th.  Reminders were sent on November 15th. The payment is due January 1st.
Membership dues include a subscription to CBQ. Subscription renewals to OTA and NTA are sent separately from JHUP.



Payment Options

PayPal for foreign accounts

Printing a Receipt of Payment

Each payment transaction will officially have two parts: Invoice and Payment. The Invoice is what gets marked as Paid, and the invoice Payment is what is marked as Closed.

You may print a receipt of payment at any time from the Account History of your Member Compass™

 CLICK HERE for instructions on how to download and print your receipt. 


Credit or debit card payment options:

1. Through the email invoice

Click on the pay button at the end of the email

Complete the form

Submit payment

2. Login to this website

Click on the "Account History" tab on your Member Compass™

Click on "Pay" at the far right of the table

Complete the form

N.B. international accounts that do not have a five-digit zip codes may use the CBA zip code (20064) or one of the other options.


Check or international money order:

  • Print the pdf attachment from the email
  • check or international money order needs to be
    • made payable to Catholic Biblical Association
    • in US dollars
    • mail with the printed invoice to

Catholic Biblical Association

P.O. Box 713

Waddell, AZ  85355 USA

PLEASE NOTE: Payments go to the Arizona Post Office Box NOT the CBA Office.

Automatic Payment of Dues Option:

For the past couple of years, CBA  members have an autopay option for dues renewals.  Autopay is the optional, member-elected process that allows your stored credit card to automatically be charged as a payment toward the dues invoice generated in October for the next year.

To set-up autopay:

  1. Go to your Member Compass™ and click on "Payment Methods"
  2. Click on the gold button, "+ Add New Card"
  3. Complete the form

When the dues invoices are generated in October, your card automatically will be charged and you will receive an email notification. If, for some reason, the card transaction fails (usually because the card has expired) you will receive an email notification.

International Membership Accounts

While CBA's new accounting software enables direct email invoicing, a requirement for a five-digit zip code is embedded. The CBA Office regrets the inconvenience and appreciates your patience. The following options have been offered by Intuit (the software company) and CBA members with foreign accounts that have successfully paid their dues via credit card:

  • Contact the card issuing bank to determine if there are options for using their international card with U.S. based businesses that require a 5-digit numeric zip code.
  • Put a zero (or more) before your postal code to make it a five-digit entry in the zip code field on the form.
  • Use the CBA zip code (20064). 

Members living abroad who are unable to pay their dues via credit card or international money order may request a PayPal invoice from the CBA Office ( The CBA bookkeeper, Dawn Brown of AZ Business Help, will send a PayPal invoice.

Money order or check

You may also pay via international money order or a check

  • drawn on a U.S. bank:paid in US dollars
  • payable to Catholic Biblical Association
  • mailed to the Arizona post office box
    Catholic Biblical Association
    P.O. Box 713
    Waddell, AZ  85355 USA