A Guide to Your Member Compass

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Your Member Compass™ is the means by which you have access to your CBA member file. When you login to the CBA website, your member compass™ permits you access to your financial history with CBA, events (i.e., CBA meetings) for which you have registered, and your profile (including your billing & shipping addresses, your specializations, and other information that appears in the membership directory). Below are descriptions of the components of your member compass.


On your Dashboard you can quickly see
1) the year you became a member* and
2) when your membership dues expire.
The Dashboard also is where the CBA Office will post quick links to the registration site for the next Annual General Meeting and deadline reminders. 


* N.B. If you forgo paying dues for a period, the number will reset to the year you again started paying dues.
The CBA Office will still have on record the original year you became a member.


The accounting tab reports all financial transactions since the installment of the new accounting software and membership database in 2018. Items appear in the table with the most recent transaction appearing at the top.

Understanding the Accounting Table

  • TYPE: indicates "... Invoice," "Payment," "Sales Receipt," or "Credit Memo" for either Dues or Events (i.e. Meetings). 
  • NO.:  references the number of the invoice number.
  • BALANCE: indicates how much is owed on the invoice number.
    • If no payment has been made for a particular invoice, then the balance column will mirror the total column.
    • If partial payment is made or a partial credit is given on a particular invoice, the balance column will indicate how much is still owed.
    • Once full payment is received or the transaction has been cancelled, the balance column indicates $0.00.
  • STATUS: references the status of the "TYPE" and "NO" together. 
    • When CBA generates the Dues Invoice (in October), the status column is "Open" until the due date, January 1.
    • When CBA receives payment, the staus column for the Dues Invoice is "Paid" and a new row is generated in the table with "Payment" in the type column.
      • If the payment is in full, then the status column for the "Payment" row will indicate "Closed" and the balance column for both rows is at $0.00.
      • If partial payment is applied, then the invoice status is still "Open" unless the invoice due date has passed.
    • If payment is not received by the due date, the status will be "Overdue." 
  • ACTION: Clicking on the links in the action column permit you to
    1. pay "Open" or "Overdue" invoices via credit card.
      (N.B. Since the accounting software requires a five-digit zip code on the payment form,
      international accounts may use the CBA Office zip code: 20064).
    2. print invoices to pay by check to 
      Catholic Biblical Association
      P.O. Box 713
      Waddell, AZ  85355 USA
      Please include a copy of the invoice with your check.
    3. print a sales receipt for paid invoices.


Opening the Events tab will provide you with quick links to the event page of CBA meetings for which you have registered.

1. If you are registered for a meeting, it will appear under "My Events."

2. You may add your meeting(s) to your calendar.

3. Meetings that you have attended are listed under "Past Events."

4. When the CBA Office has confirmed dates for the next Meetings, they will appear in "Upcoming Events."
Click on the "VIEW ALL EVENTS" button.


You may update your profile, including your billing and/or shipping address by clicking on the icon at the far right of the black tab bar on your Member Compass™.

Click on the buttons below for detailed instructions on updating your profile and changing your address.

 Profile Updates  

 Address changes