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Augustine Institute, Denver 

The Graduate School of Theology of the Augustine Institute seeks a full-time theologian to begin teaching in August 2022 at the rank of assistant or associate professor.

The School seeks applicants who are deeply and broadly grounded in the sources of the Catholic faith—Sacred Scripture, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, especially St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, and the pronouncements of the General Councils and Papal Magisterium—as well as conversant with the most fruitful trends in contemporary theology. A demonstrable commitment to serving the mission of the New Evangelization is required, as is the readiness to embrace the challenges and opportunities of distance education, but the area of scholarly specialization is open. See below for excerpts from the Statutes of the Graduate School of Theology. 

The Exercise of the Office of Professor

Mindful of the divine origin of every human excellence and of the ever-present need for divine assistance, the members of the School of Theology commit themselves to a common life of service that is collegial, studious, devout, and apostolic.

Responsibilities of the Faculty Member

United in the mission to advance the New Evangelization, the School of Theology fully embraces the Church’s vision for an academic community as set forth in Ex corde Ecclesiae and as explicated in other magisterial teachings, in particular the Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian. The School understands its mission to proceed from ecclesial communion as its source and to find its end in the service of the Church’s universal mission of salvation. Accordingly, the fundamental responsibility of the faculty members is to maintain ecclesial communion, and to do so concretely:

  • First, by keeping their own faith alive through prayer, both liturgical and personal.
  • Second, by laboring to perfect their minds as due instruments for the understanding and conveying of Divine Truth, and by employing philosophical concepts, historical disciplines, the human sciences, and the patrimony of the surrounding culture in their quest to discover the meaning of revelation, while recalling that God’s self-revelation in Christ is the standard according to which all human wisdom is measured.
  • Third, by humbly submitting their findings to apostolic authority constituted by God, in a filial disposition of obedience to the Church’s magisterium; this submission is publicly manifested by the annual renewal of the Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

In addition to fulfilling a plan of study and apostolic labor, each faculty member will teach, advise students, direct theses, and serve on committees as directed by the Dean. Each full-time faculty member shall, in a typical year, teach six sections, with no more than three in a given term. These sections shall normally be limited to 25 students (combined local and distance). In any given semester, a faculty member shall not have more than two preparations unless at the faculty member’s request. When possible, summer teaching duties will consist only in the administration of distance education section of a course the lectures of which were recorded in one of the two previous semesters. One of the six sections may come in the form of a week-long intensive course.

FLSA: Exempt (not eligible for overtime in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations)

Pay Range: $80,000 - $100,000 annually*

Schedule: This full-time position will work on-site from the Augustine Institute home office in Greenwood Village, CO.

Contact: Christopher O. Blum, Provost (christopher.blum@augustine.edu)