From the Executive Committee: Update on the 83rd International Meeting

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Dear CBA Member,

Given the ongoing concerns for Covid-19 containment, in particular in Washington DC area, after wide consultation, the Executive Board decided to move the 2021 Annual General Meeting to a fully Virtual online format. We had hoped to manage some kind of Hybrid model, but the concerns for the safety of our membership must take precedence during these unpredictable times. 

1.)  The Executive Board encourages all Task Forces and the Continuing Seminars to meet this year during the regular time of our meeting (July 31- August 4, 2021) via Zoom and or other software which CBA will provide if necessary. Further details will be emailed to the chairs of the groups in the near future.

2.) The Executive Board encourages the Program Committee to present the Research Reports from last year and the current year during the 2021Virtual meeting.

3.)  Although in 2020, the terms of all office-holders in CBA were extended by one year, we will hold nominations and approval by the Committees for the relevant open positions. Any questions or concerns, please contact the Interim Executive Director, Archie Wright at

4.)  The Board, when it meets virtually during the conference, will assume the responsibility, normally vested in the Annual General Meeting, for election of New Members. The Board encourages all current members to seek out established scholars and nominate new, young scholars for membership in the CBA.

Let us pray for a quick end to this virus and for the health of all our members.

The Executive Committee on behalf of the Executive Board,
Harry Attridge (Chair)
Gina Hens-Piazza (President)
Archie T. Wright (Interim Executive Director)


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