Book Launch for CBQ Imprints Volume #5

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A new volume in the CBQ Imprints series was launched on May 16th at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth, Ireland, in the presence of five contributors.

The volume, entitled Missed Treasures of the Holy Spirit - Distinctive New Testament Pneumatologies, was edited by Jeremy Corley and Jessie Rogers.

Among the book’s 14 contributors, three are American CBA members: Andrew Glicksman, Elliott Maloney, Edward Mazich. Other contributors come from Ireland, Spain, Canada, and Germany. 

The launch featured three guest speakers. Séamus O’Connell (St Patrick’s Pontifical University) explained the volume’s origin in a Maynooth research project. Niall Coll (Bishop of Ossory) set the volume in the context of the Church’s teaching on the Holy Spirit. Finally, Daniele Pevarello (Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin) emphasized the volume’s significant focus on the diversity of portrayals of the Spirit in the New Testament documents.

The volume is published by Wipf & Stock for CBQ Imprints:


Jessie Rogers, one of the volume's editors, during the launch of
Missed Treasures of the Holy Spirit - Distinctive New Testament Pneumatologies



L-R: Séamus O’Connell,  Daniele Pevarello, Jeremy Corley and Jessie Rogers, Bishop Niall Coll
L-R: Séamus O’Connell,  Daniele Pevarello, Jeremy Corley and Jessie Rogers (the volume editors), Bishop Niall Coll