CBQ 85:3 July 2023


Table of Contents

  • Before the Decalogue: In Search of the Oldest Written Torah
    Karel van der Toorn

  • Psalm 1: Sonant Particles and Parallelism, with Speculation on the Poem’s Scribal Production
    Mark S. Smith

  • Responses in Isaiah 40:1–11 to Jeremiah’s “Set Time” Prophecy and Ezekiel’s Temple Vision
    Shawn Zelig Aster

  • The Beginnings and Ends of Sacrifice: A Shared Reimagining of the Cultic Past in the Genesis Apocryphon and the Aramaic Levi Document
    Daniel Machiela and Robert Jones

  • Mark as Ritual Narrative: Anointing, Memorial, and Genre Signifiers
    in Mark 14:3–9
    Paul D. Wheatley

  • Knowledge and Truth: Romans 2:20 and the Use of the Mosaic Law in Paul
    James B. Prothro

  • The Flouting of Powers, the Making of Peace, and the Conquering of Death by
    the Roman Hercules and the Colossian Christ
    Joseph R. Dodson

  • James 2:18–26: Diatribe or Dishonor
    Michael L. Sweeney

  • Book Reviews and Collected Essays
    Mahri S. Leonard-Fleckman and Bryan R. Dyer

  • Books Received

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