CBQ 85:2 April 2023


Table of Contents

  • A Comparative Interpretation of the Old Testament Prohibited Mixtures: Mixed Breeding in Leviticus 19:19
    Nicholas J. Campbell

  • The Rhetorical Force of the Divine Feminine: An Assessment of the Feminine Imagery of Yhwh in Deutero-Isaiah
    Nathaniel E. Greene

  • From Vassal to Empire: The Metamorphosis of Israel’s Leadership and Statehood in Ezekiel 17
    Ariel Kopilovitz

  • Stitching Psalms Together: On the Function and Use of Psalms in 4Q171
    David Davage

  • Helping the Expectant Mother Elizabeth: The Nature and Purpose of Mary’s Travel in Luke 1:39
    Daniel P. Mueller

  • Jesus’s Self-Defense in Luke 11:14–26; Confounding Challengers and Critiquing Other Exorcists
    Bart B. Bruehler

  • When the Fullness of the Time Came: Apocalyptic and Narrative Context in Galatians
    Andrew Perriman

    1. Book Reviews and Collected Essays
      Mahri S. Leonard-Fleckman and Bryan R. Dyer

    2. Books Received

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