2022 AGM Information

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Thank you for registering for the 84th International Meeting of the CBA.

The annual general meeting begins at 7:00 pm PACIFIC TIME on Saturday, July 30, and concludes at 12:00 pm PACIFIC TIME on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. This is CBA's first hybrid meeting with 102 in-person participants at Santa Clara University and 161 participating virtually via Zoom.

  • IN-PERSON: Those who have registered for in-person participation may pick up their programs, abstract booklets, and name tags (and meal tickets for those who have purchased one) in Nobili Hall.

Arrival Information

  • VIRTUAL:  For those who have registered for virtual participation, you may access Zoom links, Meeting IDs, and Passcodes, by clicking on the links on the meeting SCHEDULE. You will need to login in order to access those pages.

2022 AGM Schedule

All participants are expected to behave in accordance with norms for participation in academic conferences and, are asked to note the following:

  • Most sessions are offered in a hybrid format, meaning that some presenters will participate virtually while others will be in-person. Participants are asked to be mindful to include both their in-person and virtual colleagues in conversation. 
  • Presenters should arrive to the meeting space in-person or virtually join the session at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session to connect with the session chair. 
  • We ask that in-person presenters who desire to use visual aids (e.g., Powerpoints, digital handouts) store their media online (e.g., google drive, email) so they might access them quickly for their presentation. Some users of Mac M1 laptops have reported issues connecting to Santa Clara’s classroom media stations.
  • In-person participants are invited to engage with the presentations during the open discussion by physically raising their hands, while virtual participants are invited to use Zoom’s chat or ‘raised hand’ feature to engage with the presentations. Session chairs will call on interlocutors, as time allows. Inappropriate comments or behavior will lead to immediate removal from the conference.
  • All sessions will have a technical assistant in or immediately adjacent to their meeting space to help with technical concerns and the flow of the session. Additional technical assistance is available by email at cbatechhelp@gmail.com
  • Participants are expected to attend as many sessions as possible. 
  • Update the Zoom application prior to the event (current version is 5.11.3).
  • This year’s AGM is a multimedia event. All sessions will be recorded for archival purposes and some will be shared on the CBA website (e.g., Eucharist Service, Plenary Sessions). By agreeing to attend the 2022 AGM, you grant permission to CBA to record and broadcast your likeness. 
The Meeting Protocol also has been posted to the CBA website.

Meeting Protocol

FULL MEMBERS: Please be sure to attend the Monday Business Meeting at 3:30 p.m. PACIFIC TIME.
For those attending in-person, the meeting will be in the Recital Hall. However, because this is a hybrid meeting,
voting will be done virtually so as to include all Full members who have registered for the meeting.
Around NOON on Monday, a ballot from CBA-OFFICE via SurveyMonkey will be sent to all Full members
registered for the meeting. The ballot includes the vote for 
          Two Constitution & By-Laws Amendments
          Member Candidates
          Candidates for Executive Board and Standing Committees
          CBQ Associate Editors
          CBQMS Associate Editors

Documents for the meeting will be posted to the Business Meeting webpage. Please do not share these documents. Versions of the financial documents should be deleted or shredded after the meeting.

If you are a Full member and do not receive the ballot before the Business Meeting, please check your SPAM filter,
and if you still cannot locate the ballot contact the CBA Office (cba-office@cua.edu).

Please note: the poll will close immediately after the report of the General Editor of CBQMS (and CBQI).
This is in order that the votes may be announced and recorded before the close of the Business Meeting.

Finally, please complete the evaluation that will be emailed to you after the conclusion of the 84th International Meeting of the CBA. This information will assist in future planning.

Enjoy the meeting!

The CBA Office
Archie Wright, Executive Director
Lisa Tarker