2020 AGM: Call for Participation

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The Eighty-third International Meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association will be held at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, August 1-4, 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday). 

Registration, Housing, Meal Plans

The registration fee which covers materials, breaks, socials, etc. is estimated at $189.

For those wishing to stay on campus (apartment or suite), the cost of rooms will be approximately $54 per night for a single room or $46 per person per night for a double occupancy room. For those staying on campus, there will be a one-time fee of approximately $15 to cover linens and sundries (towels, sheets, pillow, blanket, soap, cup). For those wishing to stay at a hotel, there are several options suggested on the CUA website.

A basic 9-meal-package (Saturday dinner – Tuesday lunch, including breakfast) will cost approximately $107. Other meal plan options will be available, however,  pay as you go is not an option. There is free Wi-Fi available on campus.

Additional details and information on registration will be sent later in the Spring.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Once the registration website is activated in the Spring, the July 1 deadline for registration is a hard deadline. Once passed, a member WILL NOT be able to register for a room or meals. CBA has to give hard numbers to the host institution before our arrival upon which they order food, prepare rooms, order sheets, etc. These numbers cannot be altered after the registration deadline.   

Call for Participation

The annual meeting offers the following venues for participation. 

Research Reports

Research Reports are allotted 40 minutes, which includes 10 minutes for discussion. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to present, and have critiqued, work recently published or still in progress. Submit the following information in the body of an email (not as an attachment):

1. Full name (as it should appear on the program, i.e., no nick-names)
2. Institution
3. Short title for report (no more than 55 characters/spaces)
4. Abstract - no more than 100 words (following the conventions of CBQ)

If the paper is accepted for the program, the summary will be included in the booklet for distribution to those attending the 2020 meeting.  Preference will be given to prompt submissions and consideration will be given to create a balance between OT and NT presentations. 

Please send proposals to Toan Do (tojosephdo@gmail.com) no later than Friday, March 13, 2020.

Continuing Seminars

A Continuing Seminar is so called because it ‘continues’ to convene on each day of the meeting. A Continuing Seminar may be established for one year or may continue for additional years. It is also possible for a Continuing Seminar to develop into a Task Force (see below).

Seminars are normally convened by one or two individuals who arrange to have paper presenters or provide other materials for discussion. CBA members will be invited to register for a Continuing Seminar of their choice through the CBA website at a later date. Materials that will be used for that year's Continuing Seminar (such as papers, bibliographies, and outlines) will be made available through the CBA website or by some other means to those members who have signed up for the seminar. 

If you desire to renew an existing Continuing Seminar, or to establish a Continuing Seminar, for this year's meeting, please contact Laura Manzo (manzoj@stthom.edu) no later than Friday, March 13, 2020 with details.

Task Forces

A Task Force has a group of core members who are committed to meeting for at least five years in order to pursue a common long-term goal that may or may not include a publication. The Task Force leader(s) may circulate papers or other materials before the meeting. For further guidelines, see the Task Forces web page

Requests for establishing a new Task Force or renewing an existing one for this year’s meeting should include the names and institutional affiliations of core members. Please send requests to Deena Grant (dgrant@hartsem.edu) no later than Friday, March 13, 2020.

Additional Information

Details of the program will be posted on the CBA web page and published in the CBA Newsletter as they become available. Registration, on-campus housing, and meal plans will be available on the Event site as well. CBA members will receive notification and member candidates will receive an invitation when the registration site is activated.