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University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN 46556
United States
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Andrew M. King
Anthony J. Pagliarini S.T.M., S.S.L. Ph.D. Candidate
Carlos García Alayon
Christian Gers-Uphaus
Christian Gers-Uphaus M.A., Dipl.-Theol. Akademischer Mitarbeiter
David E. Aune M.A., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
David M. Smiley
David M. Smiley M.Div.
Eugene C. Ulrich
Eugene C. Ulrich Ph.L., M.A., M.Div., Ph.D.
Gary A. Anderson
Gary A. Anderson M.Div., Ph.D. Prof. of Hebrew Bible/Old Test.
Hugh R. Page M.Div., S.T.M., M.A., Ph.D., ,, D.Min, L.H.D. VP & Associate Provost; Professor of Theology
James C. VanderKam B.D., Ph.D.
John P. Meier
John P. Meier S.T.L., S.S.D. Warren Chair Professor of New Testament Emeritus
John T. Fitzgerald M.A., M.Div., Ph.D. Professor
Joseph P. Riordan, S.J. M.A., M.Div., S.T.B.
Kacie J. Klamm
Mark Lackowski
Mark Lackowski M.Div., S.T.M.
Mary R. D'Angelo M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor Emerita
Nathan Paul Eubank M.T.S., Ph.D. The Clarendon-Laing Associate Professor in New Te
Noelle G. Johnson
Paul D. Wheatley Instructor of New Testament
Raleigh Heth M.A., M.T.S.
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