Catholic Biblical Quarterly - Recent Issues

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Vol. 82, No. 1 (January 2020)

Pages Author/Editor Article Title
1-16 Dale Launderville, O.S.B. Ezekiel’s Priestly Imaginary: A Symbolic or Idolatrous Reality?
17-37 Larry Perkins The Greek Exodus Translator’s (or Translators’) Rendering of אלהים
38-47 Paul Byun Building an Altar Despite Animosity: A Literary Defense of the Concessive Reading of Ezra 3:3a
48-63 Nélida Naveros Córdova, C.D.P. Q [Luke] 12:27: The Lilies of the Field and the Kingdom of God
64-83 Channing L. Crisler The “I” Who Laments: Echoes of Old Testament Lament in
Romans 7:7-25 and the Identity of the ἐγώ
84-100 Michael David Marossy The Rule of the Resurrected Messiah: Kingship Discourse in
2 Timothy 2:8-13
100 Biblical News
101-147 Bradley Gregory and Mary Ann Beavis Book Reviews
147-172 Collected Essays
173-177 Books Received

Vol. 81, No. 4 (October 2019)

Pages Author/Editor Article Title
595-612 Laura Quick Through a Glass , Darkly: Reflections on the Translation and Interpretation
of Exodus 38:8
613-626 Jessie Grillo "The Entire Place Had Befome Fire": Heavenly Worship in Greek Daniel 3
627-640 Michael Kochenash Cornelius' Obeisance to Peter (Acts 10: 25-26) and Judeaea Capta Coins
641-656 Joshua T. King Sabbath Keeping as Mataphor in the Gospel of Thomas
657-678 J.R.C. Cousland Soundings in the Christology of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas: The Rewriting of Luke 2:41-52 in Paidika 17
679-692 Christopher B. Hays Review Article: How Many Histories of Death Does the Hebrew Bible Contain?
693-704 Biblical News
705-752 Bradley Gregory and Mary Ann Beavis Book Reviews
753-767 Collected Essays
768-770 Books Received
771-781 Annual Index