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Tyler A. Stewart

Tyler A. Stewart

M.Div., PhD. Assistant Professor of New Testament Marquette University

Professional Bio

Tyler Stewart: 2018 Emerging Scholar Fellow

Company Info

Marquette University Marquette University
1250 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53201
United States
CBA Logo Associate Member

OT Books
NT Books
Galatians, Matthew, Revelation, 1-2 Corinthians, 1-2 Thessalonians, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians
OT/NT Backgrounds #1
Second Temple Studies
OT/NT Backgrounds #2
Israel History- Hellenistic Judaism
OT Themes and Topics
Apocalyptic, Sin, Anthropology, Deuterocanonical Books, Afterlife
NT Topics
Apocalyptic, Christology, History of scholarship, Paul (Life), Paul (Teachings), Paul- New Perspective, Resurrection, Synoptic problem, Synoptic gospels, Faith, Eschatology
Historical Criticism: Redaction (NT), Historical Criticism: Source (OT), Historical Criticism: Textual (NT), Preaching Usage, Bible as literature, Historical Criticism: Form (NT), Historical Criticism: Source (NT), Modern Criticism: Narrative (NT), Modern Criticism: Rhetorical (NT), Modern Criticism: Socio-scientific (NT)
Judaism & Christianity in Antiquity, NT at Marquette University, 2018 (Ph.D.)
Languages (Ancient)
Greek (LXX), Greek (NT), Greek (Hellenistic), Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin
Languages (Modern)
German, French
Religious Affiliation
Christian Church