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CBA Fellowships

[Note: This award program is temporarily suspended, but will hopefully be restored in the future.]

Two post-doctoral fellowships are awarded annually. The purpose is to give both recent graduates and mature scholars the opportunity to continue their studies at another center of learning and/or do research for publication. A stipend of $20,000 plus travel to and from the city of the institution chosen will be awarded to each fellow.

The conditions for application are as follows:

  • Applicants must be active or associate members of the CBA.
  • They must have received the doctorate.
  • They must show promise of making a genuine contribution to biblical scholarship.
  • They must be in financial need.
  • They must present a feasible and worth-while academic project, involving a minimum of six months full-time work.
  • These awards cannot be held in conjunction with another/other major award(s), e.g., the Fulbright.
  • Applications do not carry over from year to year but may be resubmitted.

The application deadline December 1. Application forms for CBA Fellowships may be requested from:

The Executive Secretary
The Catholic Biblical Association
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064

CBA Fellowship Award History:

  • 1986-87: Justin S. Ukpong
  • 1987-88: Sharon Pace Jeansonne and Harry Nasuti
  • 1988-89: Gary Anderson and Mark McVann
  • 1989-90: Deirdre Dempsey and Carol Stockhausen
  • 1990-91: Marion L. Soards and Gale A. Yee
  • 1991-92: Joel Green and Marie-Eloise Rosenblatt
  • 1992-93: Barbara Reid
  • 1993-94: Jeffrey Siker and Frederick Schmidt
  • 1994-95: Susan F. Mathews and Gary Knoppers
  • 1995-96: Richard E. DeMaris and Kenneth Craig, Jr.
  • 1996-97: Gordon F. Davies and Isaac Kalimi
  • 1997-98: Edward G. Mathews and Brian B. Schmidt
  • 1998-99: Jerome Creach
  • 1999-00: José E. Aguilar and Linda M. Day 
  • 2001-02: Dean P. Bechard, S.J.
  • 2002-03: Corrine Patton and James A. Kelhofer
  • 2003-04: Kevin B. McCruden and Justin S. Ukpong
  • 2004-05: Jaime A. Clark-Soles and Brent A. Strawn
  • 2005-06: Judy Y. Siker and Kevin P. Sullivan
  • 2006-07: Angela Kim Harkins and Christine Roy Yoder
  • 2007-08: Luke Timothy Johnson and Brent Strawn
  • 2008-09: Linda M. Day and Anathea E. Portier-Young