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CBQ Issues Online

All back issues of CBQ from the years 1939–2014 (Vols. 1-76) are available on-line without additional charge to CBA members and other CBQ subscribers.

To access the database, input the following information in the form below.

Note: This Username/Password combo is different from what is required to access the members-only pages on the rest of the CBA website. We apologize for any unavoidable confusion.

  • Username: "cathbib" (lower case, but without quotes)
  • Password: your CBA subscriber number (on your annual billing statement, or above your name on the mailing labels of the journals, or contact the CBA office if you forgot yours. NOTE: if you CBA subscriber number begins with a zero, omit the zero.)
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ATLASerials® (ATLAS®) is an online full-text collection of major religion and theology journals (including CBQ) used by libraries, librarians, religion scholars, theologians, and clergy. For more details and access information, visit the ATLAS webpage on

NOTE from Jan. 16, 2015:
If you are having trouble accessing the online CBQ, please read the following info that we received by email from the folks at ATLA:

A few months ago, we worked on setting up a referring URL method of authentication for access to the journal through the login portal located at A number of your subscribers were having trouble obtaining access because they were in academic environments that had an IP-based authentication into other EBSCO profiles which were causing interference with logging into CBQ. The referring URL has enabled subscribers to access the online search, but it seems, as you have noted, that the IP-authentication interference is still occurring when they attempt to search the archive. We are working on this issue and will also see what we can do to make the access into the online search more seamless. We will have more information for you shortly.

In the meantime, if your library subscribers would like to access the archive, they can do so by accessing the online search. Once they are in EBSCOhost, they can do the following:

  • Click on the "Publications" link in the upper blue tool bar
  • Enter "Catholic Biblical Quarterly" in the Browse box
  • Click on the "Browse" button
  • Click on "The Catholic Biblical Quarterly link that appears at the top of the browseable list

They should then be at the same location to which the "archive" button navigates.

Again, thank you for contacting us. We will keep you updated on our progress and hopefully have a solution in place early next week.