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Job Opening: Boston College / New Testament Abstracts

Assistant Editor, School of Theology Ministry

Founded in 1863, Boston College is a Jesuit, Catholic university located six miles from downtown Boston with an enrollment of 9,100 full-time undergraduates and 4,700 graduate and professional students. Ranked 31 among national universities and a member of the Association of Research Universities, Boston College has 752 full-time and 1,080 FTE faculty, 2,750 non-faculty employees, an operating budget of $886 million, and an endowment ofapproximately $2 billion.

Job Description
Contributes to the general editorial functions (as directed by the Editor), principally the selection, composition, editing, and publication of the content of New Testament Abstracts. A majority of this role consists of scholarly content creation. To this end, the incumbent works with the Editor to monitor all publications, books and journals, relevant to the modern discipline of New Testament studies. In addition to the biblical materials, the field consists of Jewish and Hellenistic / Greco-Roman history, literature, culture, religion, etc., generally from the time of Alexander the Great to Constantine. It also includes various related sub-disciplines, such as archeology, Rabbinic Judaism, the Dead Sea scrolls, and Gnosticism, as well as modern hermeneutical and literary, anthropological, social-scientific methods and theories and the like. This constant survey of the field assumes the ability to read and make determinations about scholarly work in various modern languages (most frequently, apart from English, this means German, French, Italian, and Spanish). With the proper credentials, there is an opportunity for the Assistant Editor to teach (up to one course per semester) at the School of Theology and Ministry.

Advanced knowledge of the field of New Testament studies and immediately allied fields such as Patristics, Judaic studies, Greco-Roman studies, etc. (see under Role Summary). Reading knowledge of the Greek New Testament is assumed as is the ability to follow technical discussions of other ancient Greek texts. Knowledge of ancient Hebrew, Latin, Coptic, and other languages sufficient to follow discussions focused on scholarship relevant to New Testament studies is assumed. In terms of modern languages, the position assumes familiarity not only with English-language scholarship but also that originating in German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Computer proficiency beyond the basics-e.g., utilize folders and files on a server shared with other contributors in
the office and by VPN. Ability to meet deadlines and attention to detail are essential. Advanced degree in Biblical Studies, Ph.D./Th.D. preferred. Editorial experience is very desirable. Knowledge of scholarly journal production desirable.

The Assistant-Editor position has no set term of previous experience. However, an acquired "editorial sensibility" gained through previous editing, writing, publishing, and project management experience is highly desirable. Participation in current scholarly societies and conferences is beneficial. Demonstrated proficiency in reading and summarizing academic scholarship in biblical studies published in English as well as in German and French (as well as Spanish and Italian); and ability to summarize basic information with the aid of dictionaries in a limited number of cases for various other languages. Demonstrated knowledge of ancient Greek (Hebrew and Latin is also beneficial). The requirements for producing NTA can be exceptional, sometimes involving evening and weekend work, and continues throughout the year, not only on the academic year schedule.

Salary Range: $51,200 - $64,000

Closing Statement
Boston College conducts background checks as part of the hiring process. Boston College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, nation origin, disability, protected veteran status, or other legally protected status. To learn more about how BC supports diversity and inclusion throughout the university please visit the Office of Institutional Diversity at
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