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How to Become a Member


Candidates for active membership must have the degree of Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome or the equivalent in graduate training (generally taken to be a doctorate from a good biblical studies program) or in scholarly publication.

Candidates for associate membership must have taught Sacred Scripture for at least one year at major-seminary level or at least two years at college level, or must be engaged in higher studies in the biblical or allied field.

Candidates for either active membership or associate membership must be sponsored in writing by an active member of the Association. The Executive Secretary shall supply all candidates with appropriate application forms.

Application forms must be received by the Executive Secretary at least one month before the annual meeting. Applications are evaluated by the Committee on Credentials and candidates are elected to membership, on the recommendation of the Committee on Credentials, at the business session of the CBA annual meeting. (For information on the next meeting, click on Meetings.)


To apply for active or associate membership, please click on one of the following forms, have an active CBA member endorse it as your sponsor (unless you are already an "associate member" applying for "active membership"), and mail it to the CBA office:

pdficon Membership Application in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat on your computer) - fill this form out on the screen, then print it out, obtain a sponsoring signature (if applicable), and mail it to the CBA office.

word doc icon Membership Application in DOC format (if your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat) - print out this form, fill it out by hand, then obtain a sponsoring signature (if applicable), and mail it to the CBA office.