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Membership Renewals for 2015

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS FOR 2015 are now open.

Full Members and Associate Members of the CBA may renew your annual membership (currently $50), along with any optional subscriptions to the OTA and/or NTA, in the following ways:

  • Renew by mail, paying by a check drawn on a US bank or money order (in USD), responding to the renewal forms sent to you by regular mail in December.
  • Renew online, paying by credit card, using the online payment system of this website. To do so:
    1. LOGIN to the members-only portion of this website (see the menu bar on top right of this screen).
    2. Look for the "USER MENU" on the right side of this screen, and click the third item: "Renew My Membership."
    3. Follow the instructions on the page that appears.
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